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Andrew Torba Calls Elon Musk Out For Lying Elon Musk has come under a lot of scrutiny for his decisions in that past two weeks. Whereas Tucker Carlson announced he would take to posting videos on Twitter while being paid by Fox News following his removal from the air, Elon Musk’s reputation for supporting free speech, although a façade, nevertheless was rather […]

Evangelical Dark Web’s Matt Walsh Video Yanked From YouTube Amidst Big Tech Crackdown

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a notification that YouTube had removed our video Matt Walsh vs Brett Cooper On Transgenderism. Which Way Daily Wire for containing harassments. This is related to ongoing news about YouTube demonetizing Matt Walsh for properly gendering transvestites. Matt Walsh has been a valuable activist on this front who has […]

Cultural Impact: Is the Babylon Bee Why Elon Musk invested in Twitter? In the aftermath of Truth Social’s disastrous launch, Elon Musk looks at being the new player in the social media industry. The social media landscape has increasingly become hostile to conservatives as there is evidently a recent surge of purging because of Twitter’s support for transgenderism and child grooming. I have been locked out […]

Trump’s Truth Social Flops Hard In recent months, we have taken to outlining the social media landscape as many conservatives seek safe haven from Big Tech censorship and being canceled for wrongthink. The highly anticipated Trump backed social media project, Truth Social, was sold as the social media product that would migrate a large audience—that is republicans and Trump’s […]

Movements cannot be built on Big Tech

The Canadian Freedom Convoy is the most impactful protest against coronafascism since the Australian people rose up. The collapse of the Canadian supply chain has inflicted pain on the Canadian government and its city dwellers. Justin Trudeau has looked weak in response. However the Freedom Convoy made amateur mistakes in creating the infrastructure of their […]

Social Media Chess

Within the past few weeks, there have been numerous headlines regarding various social media companies, both established brands and the alt-techs. Individually, they are little beyond mere headlines, but collectively, it amounts to an opening in chess with white and black executing on their respective openings. Instead of two players, there are numerous, all trying […]

Twitter vs Kyle Rittenhouse

One of the phrases that will get you banned on Twitter is “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.” Despite the presumption of innocence and a cut and dry self defense case, Twitter has deemed this statement unacceptable on their platform. I would know. I’ve been flagged twice for it. This was the second time which admittedly […]

Big Tech’s relax on COVID censorship is Big Government at work

Not being on every social media platform, it’s difficult to keep up with the various censorship practices of Facebook, Google, Twitter. And Big Tech censorship goes well beyond just the largest social media companies. It also includes banks, payment processors, online retail, webhosting and severs, and even domain hosting. The saying that the internet is […]

We need a silent Christian Succession

Editor’s Note: This was an article suggested by a reader. You can submit article topics or ideas here. Evangelical Dark Web made it a mission in 2021 to equip Christians to live in an increasingly hostile. Our theme for the year remains No Retreat. This does not mean we withdraw from culture. Quite the opposite. […]

Wall Street vs the Plebs: A Christian Response

It seems as though only two weeks ago that I had written extensively about the collusion between Big Tech and Big Government. One of the messages I emphasized was that Big Tech Censorship goes far beyond social media. It would appear that FinTech is no exception to this collusion. Robinhood and the other major retail […]