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Daniel Darling Wants You To Forget His Branch Covidianism Daniel Darling is perhaps the next Russell Moore. William Wolfe, in contrast, is a rising star among the good guys. A rising dialog is being had about accountability for leaders and their actions during lockdowns, even in the church. Evangelical Dark Web never once supported lockdowns because they were both unlawful and unbiblical. We […]

Biologos Supporting Pastor Promotes Transgenderism Earlier this week, Evangelical Dark Web published a verdict on David Anderson calling him a false teacher. There were a number of issues that stood as reasons why he is a false teacher. However, a sermon delivered on transgenderism in 2019 stood out as Anderson tries to have his cake and eat it too […]

Is David Anderson A False Teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Wolf in wolf’s clothing   Preface Evangelical Dark Web is a discernment ministry that generally operates by taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. You can make a request here and see our answered verdicts here. However, this verdict was an exception in that it was not reader suggested but was the biproduct of research conducted by […]