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Everytown For Gun Safety: The New BLM Grift

Flashback to June of 2020 when St. George Floyd was martyred by the cruel weight of Dereck Chauvin being hoisted atop his fragile neck. The nation was outraged. There were riots on the streets. A new federal holiday was created in his honor. On every TV and sporting event, there were calls to end systemic […]

Common Critical Race Theory Rebuttals Debunked Part 1


The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential advocates of Critical Race Theory to Evangelicals. While they do not daily write articles brazenly advocating the heretical ideology of Cultural Marxism, their podcast network is far more explicit with the organization’s views. Evangelical Dark Web reported in September, 2020 how The Gospel Coalition unveiled Marxist […]

Paint the Wall Black: What happens when BLM encounters a Christian

Christian film has been an interest of mine for years, despite never growing up immersed in it. The story of Nini’s Deli is a powerful example of proclaiming the gospel when under immense pressure to conform to the world. The story is about a man named Juan Riesco. His life story is also a story […]

Why I don’t back the blue

Total depravity is certainly a foundation of Christian teaching on man, and even a traditionalist/Arminian has some concept of depravity. The notion appears hard to accept but as our culture descends into Romans 1, it is increasingly apparent that so too will our law enforcement. And so police will be a means of rewarding evil […]

Jemar Tisby vs Tom Ascol: Two Vastly Different Views on BLM Riots

America is a deeply divided nation and nothing illustrates the two opposing views quite so well as this exchange between Jemar Tisby and Tom Ascol. Jemar Tisby is a woke figure promoting the Social Justice Gospel in largely religious contexts. In stark contrast, Tom Ascol, of Founders Ministry, is one of the leading voices opposing […]

NBA strike is not to change minds but to mobilize communist insurgents

Editor’s note: This was originally published for NOQ Report, however but is also being published here because we need to know what we are up against. Let’s get some facts cleared up. The Black Lives Matter movement is fundamentally Marxist embracing both classical Marxism the economic theory and cultural Marxism, the broadening of the proletariat. […]

Watch: Black officer witnesses to white BLM protester

In this video, I do a play-by-play of a viral video in which a black police officer witnesses to a white Black Lives Matter protester. In my analysis, I highlight the fact that this movement believes in a different gospel, a false gospel. I call this the Social Justice Gospel, and in this video I […]

Pushing reparations, Christianity Today claims ‘repentance is not enough’

It’s no secret that Christianity Today is the Washington Post of evangelical publications. Nothing exemplifies that more than its CEO Timothy Dalrymple’s call for the church to pay reparations for racism. Dalrymple’s sounding of the horn for the Social Justice Gospel helps reveal just why this false gospel that is increasingly becoming a separate religion […]