Anthony Fauci’s Omerta

Missouri v Biden is the most important lawsuit initiated in 2022. Helmed by Trump-endorsed Senator-Elect Eric Schmitt, the outgoing AG of Missouri, and the Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, the initiative has been undertaken to sue the Biden Administration over its collusion and coercion efforts to censor so-called misinformation pertaining to Covid and lockdowns, Hunter Biden’s […]

Review: “Died Suddenly” goes Malthusian on Covid Jabs

2022 has brought the rise of the phrase “Died Suddenly” which became the subject to countless clickbait articles describing the unexpected deaths of numerous individuals who were well below life expectancy, with those younger receiving more scrutiny than those in older age brackets. The more articles seen on athletes keeling over in sports along with […]

Rejecting The Atlantic’s Covid Amnesty

Coinciding with the Great Reset is the Great Gaslight, whereby folks who peddled the numerous lies since the onset of Covid attempt to pivot without accepting responsibility for their actions so as to move on from the past two years. As the Frankfurt Declaration and numerous grassroot efforts have successfully pushed back both in America […]

Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens Acquitted For Lockdown Charges

A Canadian pastor who spent 21 days in jail for violating Canada’s totalitarian lockdown mandates including social distancing and public worship. The Canadian government relented on most of the charges and the remaining charges were acquitted. I was found not guilty today on two health charges that were tried last month. In total, 5 health […]

Daniel Darling Wants You To Forget His Branch Covidianism Daniel Darling is perhaps the next Russell Moore. William Wolfe, in contrast, is a rising star among the good guys. A rising dialog is being had about accountability for leaders and their actions during lockdowns, even in the church. Evangelical Dark Web never once supported lockdowns because they were both unlawful and unbiblical. We […]

Sean Feucht: Church Hero or Villain Introduction Evangelical Dark Web has been one of the foremost discernment ministries calling out what we have called Branch Covidianism in the church. Along these lines, it is unmistakable that Sean Feucht has been a man of action. However, not everyone we agree with is someone we can trust. Independently, the writers of Evangelical […]

Over 5000 Attend Sean Feucht’s Let Us Worship Rally In NYC

Sean Feucht has been doing a Let Us Worship tour, a concert ministry he began to protest lockdowns. On Sunday they held a concert in Times Square which was attended by over 5000 people according to police. REVIVAL JUST HIT TIMES SQUARE 🤯🤯🤯🤯 No one wants to leave 🔥🔥🔥 — Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) September […]

Branch Covidians Win In New Zealand’s Highest Court

In many places around the globe such as the United States, Scotland, Switzerland, and Chile, restrictions on worship were found to be a violation of the law in the courts. In New Zealand, a nation that pursued a “zero Covid” policy, the highest court ruled that lockdown affecting religious gatherings were a necessary violation of […]

Writing The Frankfurt Declaration: An Interview With Steven Lloyd Earlier this month a group of pastors drafted the Frankfurt Declaration as a repudiation of Branch Covidianism and attempts by the government to dislodge Christ as head of the church. Many pastors from around the globe were part of the initial signing, but three men were tasked with writing the document. Yesterday, I sat […]

Ghost Megachurches: Even Raphael Warnock Can’t Bring In A Crowd At FWBC In this installment in Evangelical Dark Web’s series on Ghost Megachurches, we examine Friendship West Baptist Church, a predominantly black megachurch in Georgia. In the past this series has covered FBC Orlando, a notorious Southern Baptist church, The Potter’s House Denver closing a location, and Salem Baptist Church hiring Charlie Dates to stem their […]