Major Cringe: Phil Vischer and Francis Collins Perform Duet The 2021 Church Villain of the Year has resurfaced singing a duet with Phil Vischer, the Veggie Tales guy who so happens to be pro-groomer. Francis Collins, the former director of the NIH who funded gain of function research that led to coronavirus, has been hailed as a hero in the church by false […]

How Branch Covidianism Wrecked the Southern Baptist Convention Last week the Southern Baptist Convention released its Annual Church Profile. The report showed a continued decline of the once conservative Baptist cooperation. However, the last two years have had a devastating impact on any metric that could be used to show that the SBC was fulfilling the Great Commission. Despite the availability of […]

Big Eva Ignores, Promotes Chinese Lockdown Many Americans are unaware that Chinese cities have enacted some of the most severe lockdowns we’ve seen in the last two years in a major city such as Shanghai. That’s probably because the TV told Americans not to care about this. Meanwhile, Americans are trying to evacuate as the lockdowns turn violent. The response […]

Two Years To Slow The Spread, Too Few Lessons Learned It’s been two years since America lost it’s collective mind, pretending it knew nothing of the virus they created in China. Most children growing up in the United States lost two years of their childhood to theatricality and deception. Many businesses never recovered from the tyrannical measures gleefully taken from government officials. From governors […]

Francis Collins and Russell Moore: Evil Revealed In Leaked Audio Francis Collins could be the wicked man that brings down much of Big Eva’s credibility. In leaked audio obtained by the Daily Wire, Francis Collins and Russell Moore speak freely in front of an extremely liberal audience, saying what they would not say or have not said so boldly before. Megan Basham’s article details […]

Russians Are The New Unvaccinated The media narrative has reset from COVID and the same playbook is repeating itself. Understandably, Democrats need to pivot so as to mitigate the upcoming elections. But Republicans are swallowing the same narrative, as though they have learned nothing from the past lifetime about the reliability of government and the(ir) media. The Mass Formation […]

Russell Moore’s Butthurt Intensifies It’s been a rough 2022 for Russell Moore. After being fully jabbed, this hobbit caught COVID a second time. Additionally, the disdain for Francis Collins, his homeboy, has become mainstream in Evangelicalism. (Note: Francis Collins won Church Villain of the year over Russell Moore) This has diminished the credibility of leaders who touted a […]

God Smote Thy Branch Covidian, Heather McDonald It’s not often we see a providential act of God after someone misuses the name of Jesus, but Heather McDonald would be a rare and impactful example of someone being brought down after committing such hubris. Heather McDonald during a comedy show bragged about how jabbed she was on stage and then said, “Jesus […]

Tim Keller Promotes Stephen Colbert’s False Gospel Tim Keller took to Twitter to affirm the faith and Christian witness of Stephen Colbert. To call Stephen Colbert a comedian would imply that he is funny. He’s not. Stephen Colbert is a televangelist for the Branch Covidian Cult. He is bought by Pfizer and hold no Christian convictions in his political beliefs. Yet […]