Francis Collins dead wrong on religious exemptions, promotes transgenderism In continuing our coverage of NIH director, Francis Collins doing a podcast interview with Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer, the second half largely focuses on vaccine exemptions. The first half exposes Francis Collins to be a Christian in name only who joyfully neglect to go to church for over 18 months. He further tries to […]

Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer promotes Branch Covidianism in Francis Collins interview Ed Stetzer has pilfered the church as a supposed church growth expert, but is ultimately a theological liberal, a wolf in wolf’s clothing. However, his supposed expertise allows him to maintain an influence over the church via prominent faith-based article aggregating sites like church leaders (which totally embraces the Revoice Movement by the way.) […]

The Gospel Coalition Pushes Vaccine Passports

TGC The Gospel Coalition continues to peddle false doctrine and be wrong or weak on every major cultural issue. In Australia, The Gospel Coalition’s Overton Window is so warped that those in the world and of the world stand very much apart from their believers in other countries as The Gospel Coalition types continue to […]

NYC Church leaflets go viral for right reason

It’s rare to see a church in New York City be in the city but not of the city. Tim Keller is certainly a high profile example of this phenomenon. But there is a positive example coming from Providence Baptist Church, a reformed Baptist church in New York City. They passed out leaflets at a […]

Revoice Conference Goes Full Branch Covidian

The Revoice Conference is mere weeks away and if you were thinking about attending the conference that seeks to soft-peddle homosexuality in the church, you also have to partake in the theater of the Branch Covidian Cult. Last week, Revoice announced its new and updated “mitigation” measures for its attendees. As Paul writes in 2 Timothy […]

What the Branch Covidian Cult Looks Like The largest religion in the United States is the Branch Covidian cult. And quite frankly, not enough Christian ministries are doing any sort of apologetics against this false gospel. So there is no time like the present to show an example of the logical conclusion of what a Branch Covidian church sounds like on […]

JD Hall: It’s not hard being a pastor right now. Is he right?

JD Hall, the founder of Protestia, wrote a brief yet pointed op-ed arguing that being a pastor, in 2021, is not hard. This hot take deserves an examination. The context of JD Hall’s words is how churches have navigated lockdowns. This is a subject I have written plentifully about. On the one year anniversary of […]

Was Johnson and Johnson shafted by the FDA?

In a move much like the European nations who halted the distribution of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration called for an immediate halt to the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This came after it was reported that six women between the ages of 18 and 48 reported blood clots and […]

‘Faucian Bargain’ debuts number 1 on Amazon

The Branch Covidians are the largest religious sect in America, and it’s not even close. Moreover they are the most influential religion in politics. The highest paid official in the federal government is Anthony Fauci, the pope of this new religion. Rather than combat this religion, the church has largely been complacent with its lies. […]