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Calvary Chapel Pastor Compromises On Gay Weddings The Alistair Begg compromise on gay weddings has had a ripple effect in Evangelicalism, leading to cancelations for the once highly esteemed pastor. A Calvary Chapel pastor did likewise in a recent sermon on Mark 2 supporting the idea of Christians attending sodomitical wedding ceremonies. Bill Mobley is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Gulf […]

Jesus Revolution Is Surprisingly Good Christian media has been heavily pushing Jesus Revolution, but is this movie worth the hype. Surprisingly accomplishes what seemed highly unlikely from the outset. Jesus Revolution has a number of red flags. The first being the people behind it, mainly Devon Franklin. Devon Franklin was a filmmaker behind Heaven Is For Real, a heretical Heaven […]

Calvary Chapel San Jose: Victory by Technicality

On Monday August 15, 2022, California’s Sixth District Court of Appeal ruled unanimously in favor of Calvary Chapel in San Jose, California, whom were defiant of the Covid tyranny imposed by both the state of California and Santa Clara County. The ruling vindicates Calvary Chapel from having to pay $148K in penalties for the church […]

Is Levi Lusko a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: In addition to proliferating false teachers, Levi Lusko has a demonstrable method of tickling ears with highly formulaic sermons Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Levi Lusko has received a record number of requests, and due to him leading the field of requests, this […]