Big Tech’s relax on COVID censorship is Big Government at work

Not being on every social media platform, it’s difficult to keep up with the various censorship practices of Facebook, Google, Twitter. And Big Tech censorship goes well beyond just the largest social media companies. It also includes banks, payment processors, online retail, webhosting and severs, and even domain hosting. The saying that the internet is […]

Where I can be found on alternative media

Having a few years of experience trying out alternative social medias, it came about time give others a recon of what’s out there and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each one. MeWe I can be found on MeWe here. MeWe is closer to a Facebook alternative as opposed to a microblogging platform like […]

January 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I provide an update on how the last moth went, both for Evangelical Dark Web as a site and the movement to preserve the integrity of the gospel. January was certainly an action packed month, but not necessarily because of Big Eva. The system, which I define as the symbiotic relationship between Big […]

Christian crowdfunder, GiveSendGo, latest victim of Big Tech censorship

Following Big Tech’s Order 66, Big Tech took to expand the scope of their competitors to drive out. A small Christian crowdsourcing company, GiveSendGo, fell victim when PayPal announced they were no longer servicing the platform. In the summer of 2018, no one batted much of an eye when these platforms targeted Alex Jones. Other […]

Must Watch: Big Tech Executes Order 66 (Star Wars Parody)

Previously, I had published the video about how we are living in Star Wars land (January 7th). The scene in specific reference was when Padme and Anakin are talking and Padme expresses that the Republic she once believed in no longer exists. Little did I know, we were coming up on the infamous Order 66. […]

Big Tech censorship goes well beyond social media

Following social media’s Order 66, people not embracing the open censorship in our society were left scrambling. The idea that one can start their own social media company is proving as na├»ve as believing 15 days to flatten the curve. There are a lot of components to running a business, a brand, a church with […]

Big Eva relishes Big Tech’s crackdown

President Trump’s exile from large portions of the internet would appear to be the most egregious act of censorship to date. In under forty-eight hours, Twitter not only banished Trump, but purged thousands, if not millions, of accounts, almost exclusively leaning to one political view. I have been warning about the John 1:18 level intimacy […]

Sayscape, Parler, and Big Tech Censorship

I had the opportunity to interview Chris Santos, the founder and CEO of Sayscape, a free speech alternative social media company. This is one of the social media platforms I’ve been using for while now, and genuinely enjoy the experience more than the other alternatives. Chris has caught my eye on social media lately as […]

Can Christians rebrand their way out of censorship?

On August 5th, I wrote about how big tech censorship will ultimately come for all likeminded Christian publications. This was in reference to JD Hall writing about the blacklisting of his site, PNP News (Pulpit & Pen), by Facebook. I concluded that I too must come up with a plan on how to address such […]

Google assisting oppressive Chinese government with censored search engine

Google is notorious for their employee wellness programs as well as social activism. But can one truly be surprised that they would assist semi-communist government in oppressing their own people? In the last couple of years, Google has accumulated a reputation for censoring ideas, websites, and bloggers they don’t seem to agree with. James Damore […]