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Ghost Megachurches: Salem Baptist Church Hires Charlie Dates To Stem The Bleeding In this edition of our series on Ghost Megachurches, we cover a predominantly black church in Chicago that once boasted 10000 members now in an evident decline. In the same month that Rick Warren announced his successor Andy Wood, James Meeks announced Charlie Dates would replace him at Salem Baptist Church in Chicago. Branch […]

And Campaign advocates lite version of Equality Act

The apostate public policy organization is on a massive growth trajectory, during my last reporting on them. The And Campaign seeks to advocate Social Justice under the guise of Christianity. One of their most prominent policy proposals is called the Fairness For All Act. This is viewed as a compromise that validates religious voices in […]

Beth Moore preached ‘happiness’ at Social Justice church

The Southern Baptist Convention went to great lengths to preserve complementarianism. This meant that many egalitarians had to leave. Many of them formed the apostate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. However, part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to raise our decentralized banners to contend for the faith in this generation’s fight. Beth Moore stands […]