Oklahoma Bans Abortion, Alabama Curbs Child Abuse

Last year, Mississippi and Texas led the charge with their abortion laws, with Mississippi’s 15-week ban inciting the first major Supreme Court case on abortion since Casey and the Texas Heartbeat bill succeeding in saving thousands of lives. The former being a hard ceiling matching that of Europe while the latter advancing the legislative ball […]

Blue’s Clues is grooming your children

Blue’s Clues & You is a popular small children’s show that airs on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is a notoriously woke children’s television network, so this latest stunt to promote homosexuality and transgenderism is nothing that should be considered surprising. However, it is brazen, and it is specifically targeting small children with messaging that homosexuality and transgenderism […]

After proclaiming Christ, Gov. Asa Hutchison supports transgenderism

There are no shortage of Republicans that talk a big game and betray their base. However, it is a little more unique when a Republican professes Christianity but then overtly governs like a pagan. In 2015, Mike Pence, as governor of Indiana caved to the woke mob over RFRA. Later in the 2015 Presidential debates, […]

Equality Act advances to Senate. Republican Resolve surprisingly strong.

As the Equality Act advances to the Senate, there is a sense of optimism that the bill may not pass through the Senate’s 60 vote threshold. With only 3 Republicans in the House of Representatives voting in favor of the bill, there may be hope yet for a cohesive stand against the bill, I previously […]

These people are sex offenders

In my life I have met three convicted pedophiles. Two were convicted for child porn and one for abusing a minor. The one that I knew best is my age and got off easy for reasons I will not divulge into here. Nevertheless, he will permanently be on the sex offender registry. I think about […]