Chinese Cartoon Promotes CRT to Children In should come as no surprise that the ChiComs have a vested interest in propagating Critical Race Theory here in the United States. The obvious irony to point out is that China is arguably one of the most racist countries on earth. And while Critical Race Theory breeds prejudice, China is perfectly fine disliking […]

America is China’s vassal now

The Biden Regency has assumed power over the United States. Trump exits with a whimper while the Biden Regency unveils multiple first-day executive orders that undermine America’s sovereignty. With Joe Biden’s obvious dementia and malleable policy proposals, there is clear reason to believe that Joe Biden will not actually be the one running the United […]

Ed Stetzer backtracks on Chinese propaganda he was pushing

It seems as though Big Eva is not letting the coronavirus panic go to waste to push a certain agenda. One item of this agenda would be a further push for open borders illegal immigration policies. Another response is to run interference for the Chinese. In a high profile article in the notoriously downhill Christianity Today, […]

Google assisting oppressive Chinese government with censored search engine

Google is notorious for their employee wellness programs as well as social activism. But can one truly be surprised that they would assist semi-communist government in oppressing their own people? In the last couple of years, Google has accumulated a reputation for censoring ideas, websites, and bloggers they don’t seem to agree with. James Damore […]