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Big George Foreman Review: Most Based Movie of 2023? Have you ever wondered what Rocky V might look like if it were a good movie? Big George Foreman is here to answer that question in our latest installment of Christian Film Reviews. Big George Foreman tells the remarkable story of how George Foreman, after suffering his second professional defeat to Jimmy Young in […]

Nefarious Movie Review As a fan of Steve Deace, I have long been curious as to whether a man who thinks that Avengers Endgame and The Last Jedi are great movies could ever make a good movie. And the answer is yes. The movie Nefarious is based on a paragraph in the preface of the book A […]

Jesus Revolution Is Surprisingly Good Christian media has been heavily pushing Jesus Revolution, but is this movie worth the hype. Surprisingly accomplishes what seemed highly unlikely from the outset. Jesus Revolution has a number of red flags. The first being the people behind it, mainly Devon Franklin. Devon Franklin was a filmmaker behind Heaven Is For Real, a heretical Heaven […]

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1 Review After the brutal and choresome first season of The Chosen, I have not been eager to pick back up with my episodic review of the series. To summarize, the first season of The Chosen is a both unfaithful as an adaption of the Bible and is also bad television from an entertainment and quality […]

Gods Not Dead 2 Review: A Somehow Less Biblical Sequel God’s Not Dead was one of the most bankable Christian Films from the previous decade and in my review, I noted that the movie was meant to groom youth to consume Big Eva products and content. Recently I finally sat down and watched God’s Not Dead 2, and somehow I’m left thinking that this […]

Fireproof Movie Review: The Quintessential Christian Movie The Kendrick Brothers were the face of Christian cinema for the better part of a decade. One of their most commercially successful films is Fireproof, a story of a firefighter fighting to save his marriage. Produced with a $500000 budget this film went on to gross $33 million at the box office before making […]

Enemies Within The Church Review Full disclosure, I have been a donor to Enemies Within The Church for the past two years, and am credited in the film for this effort. That being said, my ability to evaluate this long-awaited film is not impaired. Going into this film which I believed to be behind schedule, I was wondering whether […]

Greater (2016) Movie Review

Transcript When it comes to the genre of sports movies perhaps the most overrated football movie is Rudy. Rudy is the story about a human blocking dummy getting to suit up during the last game of the season his senior year in college. Yes they made a movie about that. It was only made a […]

God’s Not Dead: A Big Eva Movie

One of the biggest films in the last ten years of Christian films was God’s Not Dead, a commercial success that spawned a trilogy. It’s a rather interesting film to look back on and give a second watch, something I generally do not do with Christian movies. While God’s Not Dead is not a boring […]

Paint the Wall Black: What happens when BLM encounters a Christian

Christian film has been an interest of mine for years, despite never growing up immersed in it. The story of Nini’s Deli is a powerful example of proclaiming the gospel when under immense pressure to conform to the world. The story is about a man named Juan Riesco. His life story is also a story […]