Fireproof Movie Review: The Quintessential Christian Movie The Kendrick Brothers were the face of Christian cinema for the better part of a decade. One of their most commercially successful films is Fireproof, a story of a firefighter fighting to save his marriage. Produced with a $500000 budget this film went on to gross $33 million at the box office before making […]

Enemies Within The Church Review Full disclosure, I have been a donor to Enemies Within The Church for the past two years, and am credited in the film for this effort. That being said, my ability to evaluate this long-awaited film is not impaired. Going into this film which I believed to be behind schedule, I was wondering whether […]

Greater (2016) Movie Review

Transcript When it comes to the genre of sports movies perhaps the most overrated football movie is Rudy. Rudy is the story about a human blocking dummy getting to suit up during the last game of the season his senior year in college. Yes they made a movie about that. It was only made a […]

God’s Not Dead: A Big Eva Movie

One of the biggest films in the last ten years of Christian films was God’s Not Dead, a commercial success that spawned a trilogy. It’s a rather interesting film to look back on and give a second watch, something I generally do not do with Christian movies. While God’s Not Dead is not a boring […]

Paint the Wall Black: What happens when BLM encounters a Christian

Christian film has been an interest of mine for years, despite never growing up immersed in it. The story of Nini’s Deli is a powerful example of proclaiming the gospel when under immense pressure to conform to the world. The story is about a man named Juan Riesco. His life story is also a story […]

Throwback: My interview with the director of ‘Church People’

Two years ago, I interviewed Christopher Shaw. It was my first ever interview. Christopher Shaw is the Director of the now released movie Church People. As you may have know, I enjoy film, and I have carved out a niche of reviewing Christian movies like The Reliant, Risen, and a Netflix show called Messiah. In […]

Review of the “most controversial” Christian movie: The Reliant

In late 2019, a Christian film was made set in a dystopian present where American society collapses in wake of massive violent protests that the government is unable (or unwilling) to handle. And I thought, this could either be on the nose or ahead of its time. The Reliant is about the collapse of the […]

The Story of First Baptist Church Naples Documentary Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Christian Film Review, but I had the opportunity to talk about a Christian film and Discernment, so here we are. Enemies Within The Church has been in production for years. I have been a vocal supporter of their project, but admittedly, they have fallen way behind their […]

Why Risen was not a good Christian movie

***Contains general spoilers*** A Christian movie I really thought I would like turned out to be a major disappointment and missed opportunity. From the Christians, I’ve talked to, this seems to be a contrarian take. But I saw this movie as fan fiction rather than a fictional perspective of a TRUE story. Fan-fiction is not […]

Netflix Messiah | Christian Film Review

  Netflix debuted it’s Messiah series to much garnering much controversy globally. This comes after Netflix had a “gay Jesus” movie, and produces a lot of socialist propaganda. But Messiah is produced by the same people who made the Bible miniseries on the History Channel. Ray gives a review of Netflix’s Messiah from a youthful non-PC Christian […]