Steve Deace’s Nefarious Movie Drops Official Trailer After the release of the teaser trailer which was well received even by secular media, the Nefarious movie dropped its official trailer. The first teaser trailer gave us a basic plot. On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer (Sean Patrick Flannery) gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he […]

Steve Deace’s Nefarious Movie Trailer Drops: Christian Horror Film Looks Promising Christian films have long been criticized for pulling punches and one dimensional characters. Looking to be a stark contrast to the Hallmark status quo of the faith-based film industry, is Nefarious, a narrative fiction based on Steve Deace’s book Nefarious. The plot summarized by the trailer is as follows. On the day of his scheduled […]

Pureflix Announces God’s Not Dead 5: Rise Up. Everything Wrong With Christian Film. Most Christians are probably unaware that there are currently four God’s Not Dead Movies.  This week, Pureflix announced that they are coming out with another installment in 2023, God’s Not Dead: Rise Up. This is in a massive effort to boost the Pureflix’s streaming service by providing original content. Here’s what to expect in […]

Why Colin Kaepernick should produce Christian movies

Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix debut gave the former quarterback a chance to showcase his storytelling abilities by giving him the opportunity to tell the story of himself to a broad audience. “Colin in Black and White” received rave reviews by top critics on social media while being underwater with the preestablished racist and misogynistic audience score […]

Why Risen was not a good Christian movie

***Contains general spoilers*** A Christian movie I really thought I would like turned out to be a major disappointment and missed opportunity. From the Christians, I’ve talked to, this seems to be a contrarian take. But I saw this movie as fan fiction rather than a fictional perspective of a TRUE story. Fan-fiction is not […]