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Debunking Janet Mefferd’s Unhinged Rant Against Christian Nationalism

Janet Mefferd was arguably a force for good in the discernment world back in the day, but these days she is rather unhinged. For some odd reason, Christian Post ran her rant against Christian Nationalism which is both laughable and self-contradictory. The anti-Christian Nationalists are not sending their best and it reads like a sloppy […]

Erick Erickson Wants To Lose Erick Erickson is a longtime political commentator and also a Southern Baptist. He touted his recent National Review article where he attacks people on the right who actually want to win in politics. A growing number of individuals and groups on the right are turning their back on conservatism without giving up the label. […]

Doug Wilson Defends Christian Nationalism On Tucker Carlson Tucker Carlson has been doing multiple interviews recently geared toward a Christian audience. Last week he did an interview that highlighted the reasons why Middle Eastern Christians do not like Israel in a move that was meant to drive a wedge between Evangelicals and their support for the nation-state of Israel. On Monday, Doug […]

Yes, Don Lemon’s “Marriage” Should Be Outlawed

I made some liberals mad on the interweb, so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for absolutely nothing. Under Christian Nationalism, this will be criminalized. — Evangelical Dark Web (@EvangelicalDW) April 7, 2024 Don Lemon celebrated his “marriage” to a White man, despite a previous hatred of White men in general. […]

Dispensationalist Pastor False Prophetic Screed Against Christian Nationalism Brandon Holthaus is the pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California, a very dispensational church. In a recent sermon, Brandon Holthaus attacked Eric Metaxes, taking aim at Christian Nationalism in a deceitful “prophetic update” he gave to his church. The church has about 33500 subs on YouTube. What is ironic is that Rock […]

Doug Wilson Roasts Michael O’Fallon After He Slanders Christian Nationalists

As the debate over Christian Nationalism continues, Michael O’Fallon remains one of its most persistent opponents among those who rejected Critical Race Theory. Earlier this week, Michael O’Fallon accused Christian Nationalists of partnering with Woke Evangelical leaders creating an atmosphere of irony that Doug Wilson could not resist roasting him for. For starters, it is […]

The Gospel Coalition vs Christian Nationalism

TGC The Gospel Coalition set out to have a big-brained conversation about Christian Nationalism featuring Ligon Duncan, Bob Thune, Andy Davis, and Philip Ryken in a video titled, “What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Nationalist?” Rather than answer the titular question, The Gospel Coalition showcased a massive level of sophistry waxing and waning […]

We Are All Christian Nationalists Now In a recent display of their predictable liberal agenda, the mainstream media outlets have once again taken it upon themselves to sow discord and fear, this time by propagating a disingenuous narrative that a second term for President Donald Trump would be dominated by Christian Nationalists and usher in an era of Christian Nationalism. […]

Rob Reiner Reveals Anti-Christian Nationalist Film Ends With Pro-Abortion Pastor Showing Christians The Way The upcoming anti-Christian Nationalist film God and Country was produced by the Jewish atheist Rob Reiner. The trailer showcased several liberal Evangelicals and mainline pastors. Phil Vischer feigned not knowing Reiner’s involvement in the film even though he bankrolled the film from the beginning, even under a different name. Vischer brought Reiner on for […]

Vivek Ramaswamy Schools Atheist Troll Threatened By Christian Nationalism

Vivek Ramaswamy has been an interesting media candidate for President of the United States. Although he is not even on the ballot in Nevada, he is actively campaigning in the Iowa Caucus, and during a townhall event, an atheist was concerned about the interests of atheists and satanic Americans who believe that the government is […]