Refuting Paul Miller’s “Christianity Is Not Necessary For Democracy”

In the realm of Big Eva in politics, Paul Miller is a rising star as the brands of David French become denigrated as a meme to evangelicals in the church. Miller is a neoconservative, ex-military and intelligence official from the late Bush and early Obama administrations. Miller was opposed to the Frankfurt Declaration, which was […]

Don’t Take Theology Lessons From Atheists: James Lindsay vs Christian Nationalism James Lindsay has been a friend to people like Michael O’Fallon and others who fought Critical Race Theory in the church, but James Lindsay is no friend to Christians as a whole. After becoming famous in our circles on the issue of Critical Race Theory, he has routinely attacked Christians for being pro-life and […]

The Case For Christian Nationalism by Stephen Wolfe: Review and Analysis

The rise of the modern political movement known as Christian Nationalism has sparked much controversy within American discourse, especially Evangelical circles. It is expected that apostate liberals would reject any semblance of an ideology consisting of Christianity and/or nationalism, because they are antinomian. Many have acquiesced, or worse, embraced secular pluralism or otherwise worship the […]

Why Christian Nationalism Is So Controversial Yet So Important Jon Harris is one of the leading and best podcasters doing yeoman’s work exposing false teaching in the church. A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web interviewed him to talk about history. Jon Harris has recently been working on his own project to counteract the 1619 Project without the flaws of the kneejerk reaction […]

Voddie Baucham Defends Christian Nationalism With all of the talk about Christian Nationalism and books being written about the subject, preaching heavyweight Voddie Baucham has come out in defense of Christian Nationalism and those the label is being applied to. Voddie Baucham was instrumental in fighting back against the rise of Critical Race Theory in the church, and wisely […]

Answering Neil Shenvi’s Objections To Christian Nationalism Neil Shenvi was one of Big Eva’s preferred voices to combat Critical Race Theory in the church. He was specifically chosen because of his unwillingness to destroy Critical Race Theory. He supported Resolution 9 and believed that it has valuable insight. After being incredibly weak on the issue of Critical Race Theory, Neil Shenvi […]

Eric Swalwell’s Abortion Ad Was Accidentally Based Eric Swalwell is someone with a lot of money to spend on his easy reelection campaign, so he spent that money on an ad meant to stoke fear that criminalizing abortion would lead to women getting arrested for abortions. MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like. […]

NBC Is Scared of Christian Nationalism NBC recently did a special to cash in on the rise of Christian Nationalism and it showed a palpable level of fear for the ideology rising among conservatism. The main subject of an NBC special was Doug Wilson out of Moscow, Idaho. NBC explored his ambitions to create a Christian town. His church has […]

Review and Analysis of Christian Nationalism by Andrew Torba and Andrew Isker

Fewer figures on the American political scene are more polarizing than that of Andrew Torba, who has magnetized the scorn of the left and the various allies of the Anti-Defamation League, who have hurled the charge of antisemite to the unabashed and irreverent founder of Gab. Torba has made his life mission to foster a […]