Richard Land Ignores Ukraine’s Atrocities As He Advocates Globalist Solution To War

The Christian Post is at the forefront of Christian Media’s capitulation to the globalist and Zionist movements that have had regular pieces that regurgitate Anti Defamation League (ADL) talking points, using this anti-Christ organization as an authority on the issue of race and faith relations. Christian Post is also quite neocon and they have attacked […]

Mayor Eric Adams Advocates Heresy; Christian, Conservative Media Celebrates

This week, several media outlets published articles and fluff pieces surrounding New York Mayor Eric Adams for the viral quote of, “When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools.” The statement garnered much media attention from Christian outlets and Conservative outlets who regurgitated a single quote from a speech given at an […]

Richard Land vs Jason Whitlock: A Biblical Response to Tyre Nichols

The legacy of Richard Land is one of liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention. As head of the ERLC, Land has for years expressed unbiblical beliefs on abortion, in which he advised a couple to have one for a dubious “medical emergency,” and homosexuality, in which he stated that sodomy should not be criminalized […]

Christian Media Runs Cover For Andy Stanley Every now and then, it’s good to take stock in the victories of discernment ministries. Truth be told, we put Andy Stanley on blast for his views on homosexuality. Andy Stanley would be in a shortlist of pastors most influential pastors in America. Truth be told, I attended a church heavily influenced by Stanley […]

Christian Post Goes Full Neocon, Attacks Conservative For Opposing Ukraine The Christian Post may be to the right of The Gospel Coalition, and is definitely to the right of Christianity Today, but they are a neoconservative outlet that shills for the Passion Conference and publishes Anti Defamation League talking points on a regular basis. Now on their chopping block are conservatives who oppose funding […]

Christian Post Misrepresents David Sills Lawsuit

A major development in the Southern Baptist Convention is the defamation lawsuit filed by David Sills, a former seminary professor, against the SBC and other major entities and persons. Unfortunately, it took the Christian Post to the 17th of December to report on a story that broke around Thanksgiving last month. In their reporting they […]

Richard Land’s Modest Proposal of Biblical Compromise

Richard Land’s legacy in the church is one of compromise with the world, going back decades. The former head of the ERLC wrote an op ed in which he recalled advising a family to commit murder via abortion after the couple received questionable medical advice. Theoretically, the ERLC is supposed to function as a lobbying […]

Christian Post Promotes Anti-Defamation League Propaganda

In 2022, the Overton window has shifted in several positive directions. This is not without shortcomings, but it is finally acceptable to call out certain nefarious forces within our society. Unfortunately, when it comes to “Christian” media, they are reticent to call out liberal narratives that have crept into the church. In the latest example, […]

Cringe: Christian Post Calls Queen Elizabeth II Great Evangelist

While The Gospel Coalition has taken a back seat from producing cultural commentary in short form content, like articles, Christian Post has increased its audaciously dangerous takes. A major weakness in this publication is that they simp celebrities for clicks, no matter how banal their comments. Another such instance of errant commentary an article written […]