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Big Eva Beats Drums Of War As Ukraine Suffers Massive Defeat Towards the end of World War II, the best German pilots were either killed in action or alive in an Ally prison camp. Similarly, a famous Japanese pilot was ordered to become a kamikaze pilot. Admiral Yamamoto was long dead, killed in action. Yet these powers carried on determined to fight an unwinnable war. […]

Christian Post Simps Heretic MLK

A fascinating observation over the last few years is how the exposure of Martin Luther King Jr. as both not a genuine Christian nor a real believer in what is commonly attributed. Many argue that he would’ve been a Republican despite his closest followers being Marxist Democrats. Nonetheless, the Christian Post attempted to hype MLK […]

Christian Post Urges Congress To Fund Ukraine

Nothing quite encapsulates not understanding what time it is quite like supporting Ukraine as an American. Being asked to support the nation that laundered money for Democrats, our domestic enemies, so they can fight a nation that was accused of helping a Republican president get elected is about as politically expedient as Republicans funding Planned […]

Christian Post Simps Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders had a surprise win against Texas Christian University, the 17th ranked college football team in the country going into the season and the runner up of the championship last season. Their decline would continue to the benefit of the University of Colorado, last year’s doormat in the PAC 10, and one of the […]

Christian Posts Promotes MLK As Biblically Based Minister

Christian Post represents a wide section of both liberal and neoconservative thought. Occasionally, they publish something based. One of their worst writers is Richard Land, the former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention who once counseled abortion under a highly dubious circumstance. Despite not doing a good job […]

Christian Post Also Attacks Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond

The song “Rich Men North of Richmond” became a number one hit in the United States by some metrics, giving fame to a previously unknown talent, Oliver Anthony. Oliver Anthony has caught the nation’s attention with his bluegrass country song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” which proclaims the plight of working class America and the indifference […]

Christian Post Claims That Female Pastors Are Theologically Conservative During the Annual Southern Baptist Convention the issue of female pastors was at the forefront with the denomination taking a strong posture against the matter. However, as it was argued that female pastors is theological liberalism, Christian Post has since come to the defense of female pastors by claiming that a church can have […]

Christian Post Runs Cover For The Chosen

Last Monday Evangelical Dark Web was among the first to cover The Chosen allowing and then glamorizing pride flags on its set. Late to the part on this is predictably, The Christian Post which featured an interview with Dallas Jenkins defending the pride flags on set. The article itself reads like a press release/ rebuttal […]

Is Steven Crowder’s Divorce Justified? Christian Post says Yes! 2023 has been a year of shakeup in the conservative media sphere with the biggest names involved in high profile drama which is drastically revealing. Among these conservatives is Steven Crowder. Crowder made headlines late last year when he announced his departure from The Blaze. In 2023, his negotiations with the Daily Wire created […]