Big Eva Ignores, Promotes Chinese Lockdown Many Americans are unaware that Chinese cities have enacted some of the most severe lockdowns we’ve seen in the last two years in a major city such as Shanghai. That’s probably because the TV told Americans not to care about this. Meanwhile, Americans are trying to evacuate as the lockdowns turn violent. The response […]

Christianity Today Gets #MeToo’ed

Compromise Today The liberal rag that is Christianity Today is as toxic a workplace as many secular media counterparts. Alas, the MeToo Movement has come for Compromise Today, implicating tow former employees, Mark Galli and Olatokunbo Olawoye. Christianity Today published a lengthy article detailing their “ministry’s” failure to address sexual harassment that was reported in the […]

Big Eva Hypocrisy: Ukraine vs Lockdowns Just as Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet for the Great Reset, so is Big Eva. In the last two weeks we have seen Big Eva publish content about perseverance that completely contradicts their tone for the last two years. During the lockdowns of 2020, Big Eva preached compliance. They peddled the narrative that church […]

Christianity Today’s Black History Month Panel Promotes False Gospel

Compromise Today Christianity Today’s current cover story is of their Black History Month panel discussion featuring woke speakers. While there were many areas of divulgence from the truth in the full discussion, most were run of the mill woke preacher nonsense. However, I did want to highlight and expose an instance where panelist, Noel G. L. […]

Christianity Today Publishes Soros Lackey Piece Attacking Ron DeSantis

Compromise Today

Apparently not wanting the massive wave of illegal immigrant children to clog the resources of adoption agencies and the foster care system will earn a hit piece from Christianity Today. More interesting, this hit piece was written by the national coordinator of the Evangelical Immigration Table. The EIT is a Soros backed organization, a fact […]

Christianity Today promotes churches locking down for Omicron

Compromise Today

It’s no surprise to the believer that Christianity Today, long having been woke, is also pushing Branch Covidianism. Amidst the rise of the Omicron variant which may be the prevailing variant of the coronavirus this coming winter wave (thanks to the lockdowns and vaccines which prevented herd immunity), churches are taking it upon themselves to […]

Christianity Today admits Trump didn’t hurt Evangelical church witness Evangelicals were told for several years that “embracing” Trump would have a negative impact on the church. However, Christianity Today published an article with another study claiming that the church has had a more positive impact than negative from its perceived embrace of Donald Trump. To the butthurt of many in Big Eva, Christianity Today published […]

David French’s rejection of the Christian Worldview In part two of the coverage of David French’s interview on Russell Moore’s Christianity Today podcast, we see how little David French thinks of the people he makes a lot of money claiming to understand and represent. In part one, we saw what David Frenchism was the desire to lose pretty over winning ugly. […]

We Can Reach Bronsexuals for Christ. Here’s How.

Editor’s Note: The following is a satire in mockery of Space Jam 2: A New Legacy being nearly two hours of flaming Bronsexuality, as well as Big Eva for focusing on dead horses like Qanon. It adapts an article written in Christianity Today about Qanon and conspiracy theories written in July of 2021 to address […]

Christianity Today’s publishes heresy to push for gun control

Gun control grifter, Taylor Schumann, has increased her apostate media bylines to include Christianity Today. In promotion of her upcoming book, When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough, Christianity Today published an adaption of one of her chapters in which she is enraged about people questioning her faith because of her support for gun control. The […]