David French’s rejection of the Christian Worldview

https://youtu.be/fktHQFkkb5Y In part two of the coverage of David French’s interview on Russell Moore’s Christianity Today podcast, we see how little David French thinks of the people he makes a lot of money claiming to understand and represent. In part one, we saw what David Frenchism was the desire to lose pretty over winning ugly. […]

We Can Reach Bronsexuals for Christ. Here’s How.

Editor’s Note: The following is a satire in mockery of Space Jam 2: A New Legacy being nearly two hours of flaming Bronsexuality, as well as Big Eva for focusing on dead horses like Qanon. It adapts an article written in Christianity Today about Qanon and conspiracy theories written in July of 2021 to address […]

Christianity Today’s publishes heresy to push for gun control

Gun control grifter, Taylor Schumann, has increased her apostate media bylines to include Christianity Today. In promotion of her upcoming book, When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough, Christianity Today published an adaption of one of her chapters in which she is enraged about people questioning her faith because of her support for gun control. The […]

Russell Moore leaves ERLC for Christianity Today

One of the most notorious liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention is Russell Moore. As head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore has pushed for open borders policies and little else of substance. During a year of unprecedented tyranny, Russell Moore held the cloak of the government as they shut down churches. […]

Climate change policies are not good stewardship over creation

The compost magazine known as Christianity Today recently published an article urging Christians to care about climate change. Daniel Harrell is the editor-in-chief over at Christianity Today and he wrote an impassionate, yet strangely self-aware piece titled, “Why All The Concern Over Carbon?” The piece is somewhat of a call to action, with a subtitle […]

Exclusive: These Pastors and Churches Took Millions in PPP Loans

Joel Osteen landed in hot water when the Houston Chronicle broke the story that Lakewood Church had indeed accepted Payroll Payment Protection loans under the Small Business Administration’s allocation for non-profit organizations to benefit from this lockdown relief program, which he previously denied. But Joel Osteen was far from the only pastor and Lakewood Church […]

Christianity Today laments treatment of Woke Evangelicals

Victimhood must be maintained for those whose moralview is rooted in Cultural Marxism. According to this false religion, there are oppressors and victims. And the victims are good while the oppressors are on the side of evil. With race, the whites are the oppressors, therefore are in need of repentance. So when Woke Evangelicals corrupt […]

Pushing reparations, Christianity Today claims ‘repentance is not enough’

It’s no secret that Christianity Today is the Washington Post of evangelical publications. Nothing exemplifies that more than its CEO Timothy Dalrymple’s call for the church to pay reparations for racism. Dalrymple’s sounding of the horn for the Social Justice Gospel helps reveal just why this false gospel that is increasingly becoming a separate religion […]