The six steps to putting Christians in public office

In such a time as this, we are in desperate need of leadership in this country that holds biblical conviction. The Republican Party has been an abysmal failure to push back against the Cultural Marxism that has marched through the institutions. The magic “R” does nothing to ensure pushback beyond a mere sandbag in face […]

Christians need organization that leverages Republican Party, not the other way around

It’s quite obvious that Christians have no sway on the Democrat Party. The feigned shock of Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden exemplifies just how little this political machine cares for the woke Evangelical charlatans. The classic Christian response from an institutional level has been to create lofty organizations like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However […]

DarkLinks 29: Trump’s March For Life Speech

President Trump became the first active President to give a live speech at March For Life, an annual protest of Roe v Wade. The speech was theological while coming from someone who is not believed to be a Christian and surrounds himself with a false teacher. Part of being culturally relevant is confronting when a […]

NOQReport Why every Christian should study apologetics

JD Rucker, a colleague of mine over at NOQReport, created this video explaining the importance of apologetics for the walk of every Christian. As Christians, this is our calling as shown in the verse provided below. The importance of apologetics is not to take away from the importance of advancing our understanding of scripture or […]

Google assisting oppressive Chinese government with censored search engine

Google is notorious for their employee wellness programs as well as social activism. But can one truly be surprised that they would assist semi-communist government in oppressing their own people? In the last couple of years, Google has accumulated a reputation for censoring ideas, websites, and bloggers they don’t seem to agree with. James Damore […]

Christians ratio NowThis after they promote apostate church

There’s no shortage of anti-Christian bias in the American media. NowThis Media is just one of many. Many Christians successfully made them look stupid for promoting such an apostate church as a role model for following Christ. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact, almost every word in their tweet is […]