Berean Babes Joins Evangelical Dark Web to Discuss the Conservative Baptist Network If there’s ever fun to be had discussing the inner politics of the Southern Baptist Convention, this is where its at. Berean Babes, a conservative Baptist channel on YouTube joined the Evangelical Dark web to discuss last weeks piece written by the Evangelical Dark Web on A Vote Of No Confidence In The Conservative Baptist Network. […]

A Vote Of No Confidence In The Conservative Baptist Network

A month and a half have passed since the 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, and it is about time we assess the conservative leadership fighting to restore the Southern Baptist Convention to orthodoxy and orthopraxy. In the second straight convention, the Conservative Baptist Network fielded candidates and lost the presidential race in the convention. Moreover, […]

SBC vs PCA: Two Opposite Trajectories Last month, both the Annual Southern Baptist Convention and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America took place. And the results of the two events are opposing. The Southern Baptist Convention represents a clear negative trajectory, while the Presbyterian Church in America has a much loftier trajectory. At the Annual Southern Baptist […]

Game Recognize Game: JD Greear Trolls Tom Ascol

The demoralizing defeat of the Conservative Baptist Network at the Annual Southern Baptist of 2022 calls into question the feasibility of saving the Southern Baptist Convention as well as the competence of the leading voice of opposition. The campaign motto for Tom Ascol’s failed presidential campaign was “change the direction.” Post convention, JD Greear would […]

SBC22: Voddie Baucham Rejected By Pastors Conference

The Pastors Conference of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of SBC22, kicked off on Monday with a much anticipated voted on whether Voddie Baucham would become the Pastors Conference President. Voddie Baucham would lose decisively in a ballot vote. 1,357 ballots were cast. 608 for 44.8% and 690 for 50.8%. 59 votes were disallowed 4.4% […]

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary Compromises

A shortlist of decent seminaries out there would have likely included Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, a conservative Baptist seminary just outside of the Southern Baptist Convention. MABTS has given a lot of credence to the liberal drift of the Southern Baptist Convention, being a frequent venue for the Conservative Baptist Network. Additionally, in November of […]

Tom Ascol to run for SBC President, Voddie Baucham for Pastors Conference The Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 just got a whole lot more interesting, as conservatives have a reignited drive to contend for the liberal Southern Baptist Convention. This began when Ed Litton announced he was not running again in 2022, citing sermongate as a distraction. Willy Rice became the SBC nominee in his […]

Conservative Baptist Network Goes Full Boomer

A rather insignificant online seminar drew the ire of the Conservative Baptist Network. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hosted a racial reconciliation conversation on February 23rd featuring SBC president, Ed Litton Fred Luter of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Missie Branch of SBTS, Jon Kelly of Chicago West Bible Church, and Brent Leatherwood of the […]

Why Voddie Baucham should not be nominated for SBC President

Coming out against the hypothetical, though very possible, nomination of Voddie Baucham for president of the Southern Baptist Convention seems counterintuitive for a Christian to take. I am not writing this as an outright rebuke of Voddie Baucham and his stateside church remaining in the SBC, though they should exit. However I am writing this […]

Voddie Baucham joins Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel

In the past, Evangelical Dark Web has reported on the very large number of people on the Conservative Baptist Network Steering Counsel. The latest to join this counsel is Voddie Baucham. The latest move seems aimed at bringing more legitimacy to the last ditch effort to save the Southern Baptist Convention by theologically orthodox Baptists. […]