Christ or Chaos: Christians vs Conservative Inc. In light of Dave Rubin’s IVF pregnancy announcement, conservative media has been in a heated conversation about the merits of promoting degeneracy and how that helps or harms the political movement. Professing believers flocked to praise Dave Rubin. Meanwhile the more vocal Christians in conservative media, notably BlazeTV’s Steve Deace, Delano Squires, Jason Whitlock, […]

Erick Erickson Tries To Pretend He Isn’t A Branch Covidian

To those unfamiliar with politics, Erick Erickson is a political commentator with an overlap and foot in the world of Big Eva. Another way to put it is that he is a less potent, slightly more conservative version of David French. So in addition to siming for Beth Moore, he has also been a vicious […]

Salem Media Defends Al Mohler In the Polemics Report Podcast, Judd Saul explained how he was in talks to distribute his Enemies Within The Church documentary with Salem Media on their streaming service. Salem Media is one of the largest conservative and Christian broadcasting organizations in America. However, Judd Saul explains that the film’s targeting of Al Mohler killed […]

Turning Point USA, Jack Hibbs and the Real Modern Day Nicolaitans

Over the weekend, Turning Point USA hosted their America Fest 2021, which is basically their annual convention filled with political speeches from conservative politicians and celebrities. The event featured plenty of big names and other minor players. Among those speaking on the 4th day was Pastor Jack Hibbs, who gives the first speech for the […]

What is David Frenchism? David French has emerged as one of the most hated personalities in conservatism. He’s essentially a meme because of his most famous column defending drag queen story hour as a blessing of liberty. Yet is this hatred really deserved? Of course it is. But does the hatred stem from mere disagreement or something far […]

Conservative Inc. mostly promotes transgenderism

Who can we trust for information? What are we trying to conserve? These are questions that conservatives find themselves asking. What is surprising is just how many media outlets that target conservatives (the most precise way to word this) outright promote transgenderism, the sinful ideology that states that a person can change their gender based […]