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Steven Crowder’s Sidekick Responds To Jared Monroe

After Jared Monroe announced his crowdfunding campaign for a lawsuit against his former employer (of several years ago) Steven Crowder, Crodwer’s cohost responded on Wednesday to give their side of the story. Gerald Morgan, AKA Gerald A, first accused Monroe of crowdfunding for a nonexistent lawsuit as they announced that Crowder was now suing him. […]

Not Gay Jared Monroe Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Sue Steven Crowder

Steven Corwder’s departure from the Blaze and subsequent fallout with the Daily Wire certainly made the beginning of 2023 a hectic year for his brand. But then his ugly divorce was announced and Dave Landau, his former cohost, made public comments about the horrible working conditions at Lowder With Crowder. But Landau is not the […]

Christ Is King Is Not Black Lives Matter There has been a low IQ attempt to label the mantra “Christ Is King” as a “Black Lives Matter” truism rather than a good in and of itself. Yesterday, both James Lindsay and Jenna Ellis were confronted for this nonsensical take, but so too is Michael O’Fallon pushing this narrative as the three are in […]

Conservative Inc. Declares “Christ is King” Antisemitic

Conservative Inc. must have gotten The Call. Because in a matter of days, tweets have gone out from various pundits regarding the slogan “Christ is King” or “Jesus is King.” And all of a sudden, many in Conservative Inc are spouting off ADL talking points in claiming that these slogans are antisemitic. Whether this is […]

Candace Owens Fired From Daily Wire Despite Jeremy Boreing’s Assurances

Friday morning began with a blast as Jeremy Boreing announced that the Daily Wire and Candace Owens have parted ways in a premature end to their contractual relationship. Candace Owens is a top 10 conservative media personality, but she has had a publicly rocky relationship with the Daily Wire over issues relating to Zionism. This […]

Conservative Inc Has Another Pete Buttigieg Moment

Two years ago Pete Buttigieg showcased the disturbing trend of affluent homosexuals renting wombs to have twins. He did this while taking a lengthy leave from his post as Secretary of Transportation. This got massive clicks, but the same exact thing that Pete Buttigieg did, Dave Rubin would also do. Dave Rubin is a gay […]

Discerning Candace Owens vs Ben Shapiro The civil war that has been brewing at The Daily Wire for some time erupted this week when a video of Ben Shapiro publicly denouncing Candace Owens went viral. Candace Owens has been skeptical of Zionism hence her past affinity for Kanye West. Nevertheless, her current sympathies with the Palestinian cause have run her […]

Larry Elder Ends Fake Presidential Campaign, Endorses Trump

One of the most shameless ploys for career advancement in conservative media was Larry Elder’s run for presidency. The only problem was, it didn’t work. Many of you have no idea who Larry Elder is and that he was even running for president. But on the race card and Conservative Inc. astroturfing was his campaign […]

Christian Writer Denounced By Jeremy Boreing Announces Exit From Daily Wire

Last week we reported how Jeremy Boreing came over the top rope to dunk on one of his own writers, a Christian that covers some of the same topics as Evangelical Dark Web to a much larger audience. He made the mistake of covering The Chosen’s pride flags, to which Jeremy Boreing referred to his […]