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Tim Keller Defends How His Church Imposed Vaccine Apartheid Of all the megachurches in America, we found very few who imposed any sort of Covid Jab requirement, as very few were willing to go there after imposing a mask mandate. Among the few were Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, JD Greear’s Summit Church in a select location, and Redeemer Presbyterian, the church where Tim […]

CDC Lied People Died. Now They Capitulate.

Ahead of the upcoming school year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed most of their remaining Covid guidelines. Under the new guidelines, no one has to quarantine following an exposure regardless of vaccination status. And those who test positive have to quarantine for minimum five days. The CDC is no longer distinguishing between […]

WHO Pandemic Treaty: Fear Porn for the Right

The reaction to the Biden Administration’s amended language to an existing Pandemic Treaty have generated suspicion that the World Health Organization and related international bodies might override national sovereignty through the bureaucratic issuance of executive edicts which then coerce the citizenry of sovereign nations. Incapable of enacting a new treaty, the Biden Administration has backdoored […]

Fully Jabbed Russell Moore Catches COVID Again! The world’s most renown hobbit theologian, Russell Moore has tested positive for COVID again, despite being fully jabbed. This would be Moore’s second breakthrough case. Russell Moore has been a passionate supporter of Branch Covidianism over the last two years. So for him to catch it yet again is hilarious. The comment section argues (ironically) that […]

Christianity Today promotes churches locking down for Omicron

Compromise Today

It’s no surprise to the believer that Christianity Today, long having been woke, is also pushing Branch Covidianism. Amidst the rise of the Omicron variant which may be the prevailing variant of the coronavirus this coming winter wave (thanks to the lockdowns and vaccines which prevented herd immunity), churches are taking it upon themselves to […]

United Methodist Church goes Full Branch Covidian in Seattle Area Kent United Methodist Church went viral for boasting their COVID Nazi policies on social media. This story was previously reported by both Protestia and Reformation Charlotte. However, Kent UMC may have been the most brazen in broadcasting their “show me your papers” policy, but the United Methodist Church in their area is all on board with […]

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Practices Medical Apartheid Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web found that Redeemer Presbyterian Church was the most brazen of prominent churches in the United States with its implementation of medical apartheid. Redeemer Presbyterian Church is famous for being Tim Keller’s church. However the largest megachurch in the United States broadcasting a medical apartheid is Saddleback Church, the home of […]

Report: Amish rejected lockdowns and had better results

Unsurprisingly, the Amish were a social and medical control group for choosing preindustrial methods to combat COVID-19 in their communities. And also unsurprisingly, they had better results from a health perspective than the US government who locked the country down and funded a leaky vaccine while denying effective treatment. Sherryl Attinson documents the Amish in […]

Big Eva’s favorite health official, Francis Collins to resign

In 2009, Francis Collins became Director of the National Institutes of Health. He was fifty-nine years old. He served for twelve years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Perhaps in 2009 it seemed as though a big deal that a self-proclaimed Christian was going to be the director of NIH. […]

John MacArthur attacks Branch Covidian Cult John MacArthur is one of the most famous names in Evangelicalism today, in large part because of how distinct he has been from many other Big Eva leaders. One of the most recent contributions to this reputation is that fact that he was the most high profile instance of a church defying both lockdown […]