NYC Church leaflets go viral for right reason

It’s rare to see a church in New York City be in the city but not of the city. Tim Keller is certainly a high profile example of this phenomenon. But there is a positive example coming from Providence Baptist Church, a reformed Baptist church in New York City. They passed out leaflets at a […]

The abuse of ‘love your neighbor’ amidst lockdowns, masks, and vaccines

In the recent past I’ve addressed sphere sovereignty on the issue of the masks and vaccines. The government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines, as this authority belongs to the jurisdictions of self and family. However, Christians are being inundated, by those who hate the church, like a David French or Russell Moore […]

John MacArthur has pending $800K settlement with California over lockdowns Over a year ago, the legal battle between Grace Community Church and California was raging. And now, the conclusion will determine how much the state will have to pay the church in a settlement for violating their God -given right to freely worship. It’s a conditional surrender that punishes the evildoers in local and […]

David Platt justifies disobedience to Scripture from the pulpit

The man known for his “radical” faith has a radical faith in his head of the church, government. David Platt is daring to touch the passage he deliberately proliferated the disobedience of, Hebrews 10:19-25. During the lockdowns, David Platt was quick to demonstrate his radical faith by shutting down his megachurch over a virus with […]

The Branch Covidian Cult has folded

Many small cults reach a breaking point. The leadership structure is unstable. There are expectations that must be met. The overpromising must eventually lead to an underwhelming delivery, for their religion is false. However we’ve seen numerous times where cults persisted beyond one or two failed deliveries. The Millerites are a popular example in American […]

Here are the COVID vaccine side effects reported to VAERS

The CDC established the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for harmful side effects of vaccines to be reported. The COVID-19 vaccine, being rolled out for emergency purposes, has not been fully tested as other vaccines would. Therefore, we are learning in real time what the potential side effects are through the reporting of adverse […]

Was Johnson and Johnson shafted by the FDA?

In a move much like the European nations who halted the distribution of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration called for an immediate halt to the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This came after it was reported that six women between the ages of 18 and 48 reported blood clots and […]

Black churchgoers disproportionately not attending in-person worship

With all of the talk of systemic racism throughout the woke church, one disparity that carries more eternal significance (compared to income, education, etc.) is that black Americans who attend church are more disproportionately impacted by churches locking down. This Lifeway data was reported by Ed Stetzer‘s blog at Christianity Today. The article was titled […]

GraceLife Church: Faithful in the little things. Will they be faithful in the bigger things?

The longstanding showdown between GraceLife Church and the Canadian government reached a renewed climax yesterday when the church showed up to worship despite physical barriers. The story of James Coates and GraceLife Church is a long one. Long story short, GraceLife Church decided to gather faithfully and reject the government’s ecclesiastical authority, declaring that Christ […]

Christ-like Polish pastor drives thugs from church in Canada

There have definitely been more confrontations with police and churches in Canada. The events surrounding James Coates and his church being the most notorious instance of this. Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta, Canada would find himself going viral after driving out police officers that showed up to shut down […]