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Mark Dever, 9 Marks Cancel Event Due To Lack Of Interest

The mantra of go woke, go broke is often overused but the demise of Bud Light, Disney, and a few other brands might bring insight into similar collapses in Big Eva, a shorthand for the Evangelical Industrial Complex. On Friday, Mark Dever posted a video begging 150 people to sign up for the event or […]

Wokeness Launches Counteroffensive In SBC Recent events at in the Southern Baptist Convention have sent a clear signal that wokeness is not done marching through its institutions and after what seemed like a pause, Critical Race Theory has a renewed offensive in the largest Evangelical denomination in America. In 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention would fail to condemn Critical […]

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Coddles Critical Race Theory At Convention The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod took place last week and received very little coverage outside of Lutheran circles. And with the exception of some notorious dissidents, most of the coverage was inaccurate, especially how the LCMS portrays itself in their own provda. The 68th Convention of the LCMS met and passed a resolution rejecting all […]

Evangelical Free Church of America Disciplines Pastor For Opposing Wokeness

In March, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the attempt by top leadership of the Evangelical Free Church of America to defrock a pastor for opposing wokeness. The news from their annual meeting that took place last week is in, and unfortunately justice  and sound doctrine did not prevail. As previously reported, Pastor Jeff Kliewer has […]

Southern Baptist Publisher Promotes Racist Scholarship

B&H Academic Books, a division of LifeWay, would come under fire for a scholarship that was based in affirmative action. In a tweet that accumulated over 111K views, B&H would turn off replies to avoid ratio. We are excited to offer an opportunity for two doctoral students to attend ETS in Fall 2023. The application […]

Allen Parr Defends Critical Race Theory with Eric Mason

It has been discussed that million subscriber Christian Youtuber Allen Parr is a gatekeeper to real discernment and is thus harmful to his audience, yet the theological issues surrounding Parr go deeper than his tendencies to pet wolves within the church and call them brothers. He is a soft proponent of Critical Race Theory and […]

Brentwood Baptist Church: Liberalism and CRT Exposed

It is no coincidence that Brentwood Baptist Church, a Tennessee SBC megachurch so happens to be both egalitarian and liberal. Lobbying for gun restrictions and red flag laws is the latest iteration in a longstanding incremental liberal trend. The growth of Nashville, both in size and prominence, has elevated the status of Brentwood church, who […]

SBC’s Unify Project: Syncretizing CRT with Lent

Since it is Black History Month, there is no better time for the Southern Baptist Convention to exercise a collective lament to the genuine and perceived racism of the past and present, and because Southern Baptists can never do enough to rectify past grievances, they require a new solution. As perhaps one of few lasting […]

Woke Preacher: The Gospel Is Justification Through Faith And Social Justice

It’s not every day that woke pastors go verbatim against doctrine. And while the Social Justice Gospel is known to add works to the gospel, its a little more noteworthy when a woke preacher directly juxtaposes their doctrine with the historic Protestant doctrine of justification by faith. James Gailliard of Word Tabernacle Church would come […]

Is Tony Evans A False Teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Tony Evans teaches a heresy we call Dispy-Pelagianism. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Tony Evans held the lead for the most active requests at the start of this research. You can make a request here and see our answered verdicts here. Priscilla Shirer The daughter of […]