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Is David Platt A False Teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: David Platt is woke preacher and a terrible influence on the church. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. David Platt has the most active requests. You can make a request here and see our answered verdicts here. Bio David Platt is an American pastor, author, and former president […]

Debunking Owen Strachan And Neil Shenvi’s “Woke Right” Argument In an epic cringeworthy crossover, Neil Shenvi went on Owen Strachan’s podcast to articulate why the so-called “woke right” is a thing. In an unsurprising fashion, names are not named and definitions of words like “wokeness” are entirely broadened in order to create what amounts to a false equivalency between Critical Race Theory (specifically) […]

Southern Baptist Convention Publishes Diversity Highlights In Book Of Reports

Wokeness is not dead in the Southern Baptist Convention. Ahead of next week’s Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the SBC released it’s Book of Reports which is vital meeting material. In this book of reports is a race count for the SBC committees and trustees. For some, the Southern Baptist Convention is still too White. As […]

The Fall of Acts 29 Acts 29 was a major church planting organization with massive prowess in the world of Evangelicalism. It provided churches with a missional alternative to the North American Mission Board. Today they are in desolate ruin according to insider reports. How did this happen? Three blows killed this organization. 1. Go Woke After Mark Driscoll […]

Ligon Duncan Defends Endorsing Woke Church Recently, Ligon Duncan went on a podcast where he denied the existence of Big Eva and gaffed on Jesus calling Herod a fox. Ligon Duncan, the head of Reformed Theological Seminary, returned for a round two interview on Room For Nuance, after getting a lot of attention the first time. This time he defended […]

Will Alistair Begg Get Canceled From ShepCon? The cancelation of Alistair Begg from American Family Radio was a significant development stemming from Begg’s support for going to a homosexual wedding. It marked a surprising stand by a Christian institution against the theological error of a major figure on a major issue of our day. Is this the beginning of a ripple […]

David Platt Exposed: Former Members Of McLean Bible Church Documentary Trailer The defeat of McLean Bible Church in court despite spending $1 million on a lawsuit is leading to a massive exposure of the corruption within David Platt’s organization and even the Southern Baptist Convention. Former members of MBC have released a trailer for an upcoming documentary “The Real David Platt.” The treasure trove of […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes Woke On Abortion With Benjamin Watson

It’s been a bad month for The Gospel Coalition. Last week we exposed there rationalization of Andy Stanley’s false teaching, as though it were paved with good intentions. On Friday, The Gospel Coalition would publish an article reveling in idolatry for Taylor Swift, rationalizing it as pointing to Christ. They would promptly remove the article […]

Mark Dever, 9 Marks Cancel Event Due To Lack Of Interest

The mantra of go woke, go broke is often overused but the demise of Bud Light, Disney, and a few other brands might bring insight into similar collapses in Big Eva, a shorthand for the Evangelical Industrial Complex. On Friday, Mark Dever posted a video begging 150 people to sign up for the event or […]

Wokeness Launches Counteroffensive In SBC Recent events at in the Southern Baptist Convention have sent a clear signal that wokeness is not done marching through its institutions and after what seemed like a pause, Critical Race Theory has a renewed offensive in the largest Evangelical denomination in America. In 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention would fail to condemn Critical […]