It’s Time to Put James Lindsay’s Grift to Pasture The after math of the Alito draft leak has many Big Eva leaders exposed for their reticence, or in some cases public obfuscations in celebrating the event. However, a key figure that the conservative Evangelicals championed has taken to attacking us once again for our emphasis on abortion. James Lindsay is intelligent, as far […]

DarkLinks 47: Exposing Willy Rice

Ed Litton’s decision to not run again in 2022, citing sermongate as a primary reason, makes the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022 competitive. The Southern Baptist elites had Willy Rice ready to receive nomination a day after the Litton announcement was made. Following this announcement, grassroots Evangelical publications gave the remnant within the Southern […]

Lifeway Survey Pushes Racial Narrative

On February 18, 2022, Lifeway Research released survey results regarding racial diversity in the church. They survey about 1000 pastors across America every four years to study the trends on racial diversity in the church as it pertains to pastoral attitudes. In their article, they clearly exhibit their Marxist bias against Critical Race Theory and […]

Christianity Today’s Black History Month Panel Promotes False Gospel

Compromise Today Christianity Today’s current cover story is of their Black History Month panel discussion featuring woke speakers. While there were many areas of divulgence from the truth in the full discussion, most were run of the mill woke preacher nonsense. However, I did want to highlight and expose an instance where panelist, Noel G. L. […]

Anti White: Why The Southern Baptist Convention Calls Whites Anglo The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has been exposed on several occasions for plating woke and or egalitarian churches. It’s leader, Kevin Ezell is the most powerful man in the Southern Baptist Convention and arguably the most powerful figure in Big Eva because the resources he commands alone. The head […]

Glenn Youngkin Delivers Early for the Grassroots

Despite being Mitt Romney on paper and a socially liberal, pro-CRT, consultant class candidate, the early innings of Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial administration have yielded the grassroots several early gains. Even though he is following the mandate his voters gave him, this is a shocking win for Conservatives, especially since Youngkin, two weeks after his victory, […]

Woke Evangelical Foot Fetish Atlanta may be a hotspot for some of the cringiest display of wokeness in the church. Victory Church ATL is a megachurch in the Atlanta area. Woke Preacher Clips recently unearthed a clip from 2017 where their pastor, Dennis Rouse one Sunday took it upon himself to summon a young black male in order […]

Grassroots Evangelicals are the reason Glenn Youngkin won

This is not the column I thought I would be writing. Back in April of 2021. Evangelical Dark Web published a DarkLink that exposed Glenn Youngkin as a Woke Evangelical running for governor as a Rerpublican, predicated on the work of other ally ministries. Today he is the governor-elect of Virginia after running an anti-woke campaign […]

Whistleblower details corruption at McLean Bible Church

The corruption within McLean Bible Church has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year, and many rumors have circulated about their financial and numerical state. Salvador Cordova, a congregant and whistleblower, has done yeoman’s work exposing the corruption within David Platt’s megachurch including recording multiple videos that would later go viral. From lawsuits […]

Why we should protest outside of government officials’ homes A viral protest in Florida occured outside the home of a school board official. This comes during a time when the department of Justice wants to crack down on conservatives attending school board meetings citing “threats” and “terrorism.” People outside Sarasota Sch Bd member Shirley Brown’s house tonight: “We see you in there, Shirley. […]