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David French Whines About Being Canceled In NY Times Article

Last month, David French was canceled from speaking at this week’s Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly. It was a major victory in dealing a blow to David French’s influence and possibly other liberals in Big Eva like Curtis Chang and Russell Moore. David French has now broken his silence about the incident, complaining about […]

Curtis Chang Still Seethes Over David French Being Canceled By PCA

Days after the Presbyterian Church in America reversed course on its decision to invite David French to speak at the PCA General Assembly, the woke preachers are still mad. Curtis Chang is a partner with David French in The After Party, a political curriculum designed for Christians. He has been attacking the PCA over its […]

PCA Cancels Panel With David French At Upcoming General Assembly Last week, the Presbyterian Church in America announced it was inviting David French to be on a panel titled, “Supporting Your Pastor and Church Leaders in a Polarized Political Year.” The backlash to this announcement was intense as David French has come out in support of gay marriage, transgenderism, and Branch Covidianism in the […]

David French vs Robert Dabney: A PCA Test The aftermath of the Presbyterian Church in America deciding to platform David French despite his support for homosexual marriage, support for transgenderism as a blessing of liberty, and a general hostility to Christianity has sent shockwaves in the Presbyterian world. PCA leadership is currently dodging and ducking the blame for this decision. The decision […]

PCA Platforming David French At General Assembly

David French is one of the biggest sellouts in the Evangelical political space. He has accumulated worldly acclaim to the tune of working for the New York Times as a reward for promoting Branch Covidianism, transgenderism, homosexuality, and a host of other liberal causes. David French has even partnered with groups that have taken some […]

Megan Basham Exposes Russell Moore, David French On Tucker Carlson

In the same week, Tucker Carlson dropped an interview with Doug Wilson, Jesse Kelly, and now Megan Basham. In the Doug Wilson interview, Tucker Carlson allowed Doug Wilson the opportunity to advance and defend Christian Nationalism. With Megan Basham, Tucker Carlson gave her the platform to further expose Russell Moore and David French as the […]

David French Whines On TV Over Christians Saying Christ Is King

The woke self-proclaimed Evangelicals spent Holy Week attacking Christians for proclaiming “Christ is King” whether it be Russell Moore of Christianity Today, Joel Berry and Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee, or Jenna Ellis the Trump election lawyer. But David French did not want to miss out on his chance to virtue signal his allegiance […]

Rob Reiner Produces Anti-Christian Nationalist Movie

Rob Reiner has a prolific filmmaking career that includes classics like This Is Spinal Tap and A Few Good Men. But ever since the mid-1990s, Rob Reiner has been more of a political activist first starting as an anti-tobacco voice and then becoming a major Rainbow Jihad advocate as well. The former made him the butt of […]