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JD Hall Breaks Media Silence, Set Record Straight JD Hall’s departure from ministry and Christian media definitely upset the discernment landscape. A lot of rumors and speculation surround the events of JD Hall’s disqualification from ministry and departure from Protestia. However, JD Hall breaks his media silence with David Morrill at Protestia in an interview. Does JD Hall desire to return to […]

Why This Christian School Lied About A Child Being Confessed Mass Shooter

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. David Morrill in our interview with him alluded to […]

SBC: Southern Baptist Conspiracies Aside from June, the month where the annual meeting takes place, September is one of the busiest news months for the Southern Baptist Convention. This is because many of the trustees of the various entities have their meetings in September. In September we saw non Southern Baptist churches be recommended for disfellowship while Saddleback […]