David Platt Downgrade, MBC Lawsuit, and More

Powered by RedCircle In this livestream/podcast team Evangelical Dark Web breaks down the relationship between David Platt’s McLean Bible Church and the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The conspiracy within has been the subject of a lawsuit against the church. This video will be going through the report Evangelical Dark Web […]

The NAMB Conspiracy within McLean Bible Church Lawsuit

2021 marked the year of decline in prominence for David Platt, whose pews were riled with strife after continued breach of church bylaws on behalf of Platt and the elders, from inducting woke pastors in violation of the church’s bylaws to his disallowed affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention, despite the church bylaws proscribing such […]

Lawsuit Against McLean Bible Church Appealed

Last month, Evangelical Dark Web reported that the lawsuit filed against David Platt’s Church, McLean Bible Church on behalf of its members was dismissed prior to depositions. But it appears that the fight is not over just yet. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit representing the members of the church have appealed the dismissal. According to […]

What David Platt Gets Right And Wrong About Abortion

https://youtu.be/lw-E7WUtdsc David Platt was at one point one in a group of young up and coming pastors who seemed as though they were going to shape the future of Evangelicalism. But the decline of David Platt due to wokeness, Branch Covidianism, and general mismanagement would prevent such a towering influence. Nonetheless, David Platt preached a […]

David Platt Wins. Lawsuit Against McLean Bible Church Dismissed.

Last summer McLean Bible Church became embroiled in a leadership dispute over bylaw violations that resulted in the church approving a slate of elders. The dispute led to a lawsuit filed by the dissenting church members. At the time, Evangelical Dark Web reported: David Platt is one of the most prominent pastors in the Southern […]

Preston Sprinkle Promotes Heresy on Hell

https://youtu.be/_M64rBG4Xlk Months ago, Evangelical Dark Web reported on David Platt embracing the Revoice crowd in an apparent liberal coming out party. The event which inspired the question of David Platt coming out of the apostate closet was his participation in the Theology In The Raw Conference, the conference of Preston Sprinkle. Preston Sprinkle is a […]

DarkLinks 46: David Platt Takes Another L

In this edition of DarkLinks I bring about some of what was covered by other outlets, so as to not Ed Litton their reporting. In this edition, David Platt suffers another L in his ongoing court case. Last summer, David Platt made moves to consolidate his power in his declining church. These violations of the […]

Top Stories In The Church 2021

2021 was an impactful year for the church. And the grand scheme of church history, we really live in a critical juncture. For the church to collapse in western civilization where it had been strongest for nearly the entirety of church history is not only seldom precedented but has far reaching implications for the rest […]

Is David Platt coming out of the apostate closet?

https://youtu.be/4wmH5BE8_DI David Platt is certainly having a big year for all of the wrong reasons. His shady practices at McLean Bible Church have been exposed leading to a massive decline in that church. He has even justified his sin from the pulpit. What we’ve observed in the past year is that many of the people […]

Whistleblower details corruption at McLean Bible Church

The corruption within McLean Bible Church has been under a lot of scrutiny this past year, and many rumors have circulated about their financial and numerical state. Salvador Cordova, a congregant and whistleblower, has done yeoman’s work exposing the corruption within David Platt’s megachurch including recording multiple videos that would later go viral. From lawsuits […]