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FBC Orlando Supports Sexual Immorality FBC Orlando has made numerous headlines over the past two years. Initially is was David Uth’s disastrous handling of the 2020 canceled Pastors Conference, but then Evangelical Dark Web reported that the prominent SBC church was a Ghost Megachurch. FBC Orlando is again attracting attention because one of their pastors, Danny de Armas celebrated […]

Ghost Megachurches: David Uth FBC Orlando First Baptist Church Orlando Florida is one of the largest churches in the state and a valued member of the Southern Baptist Convention. David Uth is a Big Eva member. In 2020 he was the president of the canceled Pastors Conference in which he had egalitarian speakers. And though Wikipedia claims FBC Orlando has 16000 members, the […]

Exclusive: These Pastors and Churches Took Millions in PPP Loans

Joel Osteen landed in hot water when the Houston Chronicle broke the story that Lakewood Church had indeed accepted Payroll Payment Protection loans under the Small Business Administration’s allocation for non-profit organizations to benefit from this lockdown relief program, which he previously denied. But Joel Osteen was far from the only pastor and Lakewood Church […]

David Uth, SBCPC, to refuse Executive Committee ultimatum

Admist the backlash brought on by the Pastors Conference inviting questionable guest speakers to SBCPC 2020, The Executive Committee cracked down on it in response, disallowing the Pastors Conference in its current state to take place within the SBC’s rented facilities for SBC2020. This crack down was followed up with an announcement on an investigation […]

Baptist leader suggest congregants are violent

Southern Baptist have made preparations for SBC2020, the annual gathering that helps set the course for the future of the denomination. This year looks to be more contentious because of the dishonest means Resolution 9 was brought forth by the Resolutions Committee last year. Resolution 9 allows for Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be […]

SBC2020 Pastors Conference invites woman pastor to speak to pastors

The lineup for the SBCPC 2020 was announced and a pattern or statement is being made that are in the same pattern of the rise in theological liberalism in the Southern Baptist Church. The entire lineup can be viewed here.  The first eyebrow to be raised is Hosanna Wong. According to the bio on her […]