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House Democrats Poised To Protect Mike Johnson

Following Mike Johnson’s vote to fund Ukraine, Israel, liberal causes, and neglect to fund a border wall, House Speaker Mike Johnson faces calls to vacate the chair led by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Thomas Massie. Mike Johnson has been hailed as a Christian hero by liberals like Daniel Darling of the Land Center […]

Mike Johnson Is A Disgrace. Time To Vacate The Chair

Mike Johnson during his brief time as Speaker of the House has proven to be an abysmal replacement for Mike McCarthy, a notorious RINO. Yet at least with McCarthy, he was an open RINO, whereas Mike Johnson wears a cross on his chest but serves the Star of David instead. It’s come time to vacate […]

Biden Administration Blasphemes For Resurrection Sunday

The Democrat Party made a statement this weekend by making Resurrection Sunday about transvestites, lauding them for their patriotism while invoking the language of our Christian heritage. Biden also attacked legislation that protects children from being mutilated over sexual perversion and touted his support for such degeneracy. The official statement is as follows (emphasis added): […]

Daniel Darling Eulogizes Joe Lieberman As Bipartisan Patriot

The soyfaced Evangelical for hire Daniel Darling is an emerging regime-approved voice to represent Evangelicals in politics, currently serving alongside Richard Land at his Land Center. As part of his “political engagement,” Darling took a break from shilling for Ukraine to eulogize a rapid pro-abortion politician. Really sad. Senator Lieberman was a bipartisan patriot. […]

The Gospel Coalition’s False Moral Equivalency On Partisanship


How one views the modern American parties is a good indication of whether or not they understand the times. It’s undeniable that the Democrats are a truly evil party that wants to permit invasion, sexually mutilate children, murder babies, and bankrupt the economy. The Republican Party has pockets of binge better, particularly at state levels, […]

ERLC’s Brent Leatherwood Eulogizes Dianne Feinstein As Bipartisan

Senator Dianne Feinstein died. She hated Christ. She was a tyrant. There’s a culture in Christianity that likes to suppose that her outcome isn’t known, but this is just a spirit of timidity amidst the assurance that the Bible provides. For if we have confidence in our own salvation, then we have a similar confidence […]

Virginia Democrat Produces Sex Videos While Campaigning

The Democrat Party might have reached a new low, at least while on the campaign trail. As Virginia has off year elections, the battle for the state legislature is underway in what could be a critical swing state in 2024. However, a recent scandal has made national headlines, as it was uncovered that Democrat candidate, […]

Over 1 In 4 Liberals Believe Men Can Get Pregnant

If you repeat a lie often enough, the more audacious the better, eventually the masses will accept it as conventional wisdom. Such has been the plan in order to get the nation to accept transgenderism: the ideology that a man can become a woman or vice versa. This agenda is being repeated in all sectors […]

Transgenderism is the New Abortion

Not many issues are as existential as abortion. Abortion is rightly a litmus test on the right to weed out liberals and frauds. Though the Republican Party has at least three overtly pro-abortion senators (Murkowski, Collins, and Romney), being full-on pro-abortion is harder to do in the Republican Party than it was when pro-abortion John […]