Over 1 In 4 Liberals Believe Men Can Get Pregnant

If you repeat a lie often enough, the more audacious the better, eventually the masses will accept it as conventional wisdom. Such has been the plan in order to get the nation to accept transgenderism: the ideology that a man can become a woman or vice versa. This agenda is being repeated in all sectors […]

Transgenderism is the New Abortion

Not many issues are as existential as abortion. Abortion is rightly a litmus test on the right to weed out liberals and frauds. Though the Republican Party has at least three overtly pro-abortion senators (Murkowski, Collins, and Romney), being full-on pro-abortion is harder to do in the Republican Party than it was when pro-abortion John […]

Andy Stanley preaches on politics

https://youtu.be/HkWM7z-RBUI If ever a preacher has the opportunity to preach to politicians at a chaplain service, this would be a great time to preach the gospel to a pagan audience. Alas, Andy Stanley is no real preacher. And in his message to the Georgia legislature, the gospel was not presented in any way, shape, or […]

Maryland Democrats Walk Back Demonic Infanticide Bill

Perhaps this is an answer to prayers, or perhaps, the Democrats got caught, in any case the unmitigated disaster of Maryland’s latest efforts to enshrine infanticide in the state’s constitution have reached a delay. The Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022, a gender neutral pro-abortion bill, contains this demonic line: This section may not be construed […]

Who Really Hates Their Neighbor?

It is from an often-unappreciated verse in Leviticus that Jesus offers a summation of the commandments in Matthew 22. How many pastors will actually go in between those two uncomfortable passages of sexual sin found in Leviticus to pull out the full context Jesus referenced in the gospels? Nothing Jesus said should have been profound, […]

Equality Act advances to Senate. Republican Resolve surprisingly strong.

As the Equality Act advances to the Senate, there is a sense of optimism that the bill may not pass through the Senate’s 60 vote threshold. With only 3 Republicans in the House of Representatives voting in favor of the bill, there may be hope yet for a cohesive stand against the bill, I previously […]

The Democrat Party is Irredeemably Evil

In this election season, it has become very apparent that the Democrat Party is an instrument of wickedness and has no redeeming value. This is a bold statement, one that logically leads to the requirement that Matthew 18 ultimately be acted on just as it needs to be for those who are going woke. But […]