Is William Lane Craig a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: William Lane Craig is a theological liberal with no foundation to believe basic Christian orthodoxy   Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. This verdict on William Lane Craig is part reader request and part tip to cover a recent interview he gave. For the […]

Solomon’s wish for discernment

The means of reading the entire Bible I have chosen is to read from beginning to end. I have found this helpful in maintaining an understanding of the text, specifically the historical narrative. This journey has me currently in 1 Kings. Solomon has just become king. He has consolidated his power in a counter coup […]

Is Francis Chan a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Various discernment ministries have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Francis Chan is a false teacher. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Francis Chan has received a record number of requests (previously held by Levi Lusko), and due to him leading the field of […]

The Branch Covidian Cult has folded

Many small cults reach a breaking point. The leadership structure is unstable. There are expectations that must be met. The overpromising must eventually lead to an underwhelming delivery, for their religion is false. However we’ve seen numerous times where cults persisted beyond one or two failed deliveries. The Millerites are a popular example in American […]

Beth Moore’s financial losses show success of online discernment

There’s a purpose to what people like myself do. I set up Evangelical Dark Web to expose three false gospels, specifically. And among the false teachers influencing this journey were Brian Houston and Beth Moore, along Big Eva’s silence on Pete Buttigieg. But what I learned quickly was that there were very limited resources on […]

The lessons from the Ravi Zacharias scandal

I get requests frequently asking me to look into potential false teachers. But when Ravi Zacharias died, it seemed unimportant to examine his legacy as it provides no warning about someone active in ministry, despite multiple requests for me to cover him. And while there was a vague notion of a scandal brewing in the […]

Was Ravi Zacharias a false teacher all along?

Category 4 Verdict: We can safely conclude that Ravi Zacharias was unrepentant, given his rampant sexual immorality. Preface The Evangelical Dark Web usually does not weigh in on whether dead figures were or were not false teachers in as great detail as we are doing with Ravi Zacharias. Readers have requested that we write a […]

Is John Piper a false teacher?

Category 3 Verdict: Concerns over John Piper are exceedingly valid, and he should be avoided. Because of the possibility of reasonable doubt, we hesitate to apply the label false teacher. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. There were multiple requests to investigate John Piper, and […]

Is Beth Moore a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Beth Moore is a priestess of the Social Justice Gospel Preface One of the more divisive names in evangelical subculture is Beth Moore. This verdict is a compilation of evidence weighing whether or not she is a false teacher. This is not an explanation as to why the Social Justice Gospel is […]

July 2020 EDW Report

As usual, I like to give a monthly progress report to the readers of Evangelical Dark Web to let them know the effectiveness of this ministry and upcoming announcements. July was our second best month ever as a ministry and the best month yet in producing video content. July is a month where I devoted […]