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Is Rick Warren A False Teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Rick Warren Is One of The Most Dangerously Influential Teachers in Modern Times   Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Rick Warren was tied for the lead for the most active requests at the start of this research and was selected. You can make […]

Discernment Update: John Mark Comer And Rick Warren

Occasionally our popular discernment verdicts need updates based on new information since they were initially published. Sometimes that new information is evidence of further deconstruction. Our verdict on John Mark Comer has been one of the most popular this year. As it was published in April 2020, it’s fairly out of date with some more […]

The Fall of Chris Rosebrough

As someone in discernment ministry, I have a great respect for those who came before. One such figure is Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian and the Fighting For The Faith YouTube channel that has amassed 87.5K subs making it among the largest discernment channels on the platform. Indeed Evangelical Dark Web has utilized Chris Rosebrough’s […]

Our Most Popular Articles From 2022

As distinct from the top ten article of 2022, this is about the best performers from 2022. Discernment verdicts were among the top performers, but there are always major articles that we write that do exceedingly well too. 10. JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church Written about JD Greear at the beginning of the […]

In Discernment: What Constitutes A Low Hanging Fruit?

Evangelical Dark Web is far from the only so-called discernment ministries out there. By definition, any ministry that engages in dividing right from wrong teaching could be classified as a discernment ministry. Stereotypically, discernment ministries call out false teaching and false teachers. Evangelical Dark Web is stereotypical in this regard. When Evangelical Dark Web began, […]

Discernment Update: Dharius Daniels

Evangelical Dark Web has been going through its old verdicts to provide an update based on news coverage. We started out the month providing an update on Priscilla Shirer and Michael Todd. The former was upgraded to a Category 4, signifying her as a false teacher, while the latter was updated to include trinitarian heresy. […]

40 Losers vs Doug Wilson: How Not To Do Discernment There are a lot of good Christians doing discernment ministries out there. There are a few good ministries doing news gathering for Spiritual Warfare. However, there are a number of bad actors out there. Examining Doug Wilson or Examining Moscow is one such bad actor in online discernment. Being the primary source for much […]

Ironic: The Gospel Coalition Warns Against False Discernment


After being heavily goaded last month by this ministry and others, The Gospel Coalition has decided to come back into the fray and offer a defense for weak liberal pastors under the guise of defining “real discernment.” Trevin Wax could have at one point been seen as one of the good guys in Big Eva, […]