Disney Can’t Sustain Losses Forever

The box office failure of Disney Pixar’s Lightyear which is a spinoff of Pixar’s arguably most bankable franchise, Toy Story, is a major loss for the company as they continue to double and triple down on normalizing wokeness and sexual immorality. Lightyear failed for three reasons. The first is the replacement of Tim Allen, the voice of […]

National Review’s Misguided Attack on Ron DeSantis

In the aftermath of Ron DeSantis signing into law a bill stripping Disney of its special status with its Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, leave it to the typical Neoconservatives at National Review to take issue with republican legislatures siding with global corporations with agendas for grooming children. Enter National Review’s Charles Cooke, who […]

Cringe: The Gospel Coalition Talks About Bruno


The popular Disney movie, Encanto has inspired the latest, “How do you do, fellow kids?” attempt to relate to the culture by Big Eva’s. The movie’s Academy Award likely inspired this cringeworthy gem from The Gospel Coalition titled, “We Need to Talk About Bruno.” The article attempts to make a comparison with the movie’s male […]

Boycotting Disney: Moral Necessity or Self-Righteous Legalism?

In the aftermath of Governor Ron DeSantis signing HB1557, the anti-grooming, parental rights bill derided as being “Don’t Say Gay,” the leftist outrage has been predictably vehement. The demonic gnashing of teeth from the “comedians” hosting the Oscars, to the numerous celebrities on Twitter, to Phil Vischer, who we have discussed before, public school teachers, […]

Gina Carano fired by Disney

The bravest person in Hollywood, by far, is Gina Carano. Unlike Chris Pratt, she does not apologize for water bottles. Instead she openly defies the expectation of putting pronouns in her bio and frequently posts dank memes. But Cancel Culture would mount a major offensive after she posted an image that compared our culture to […]

Disney protecting Jeffrey Epstein shows where their values aren’t

Imagine a newsroom has a developing story on Jeffrey Epstein and the media brass at said outlet quell the story to not upset the political elites. Now imagine this goes on for three more years. Now imagine that this newsroom is a part of a giant corporation. Now continue imagining that this company has the most […]

Entrepreneurial Influencers: Walt Disney

  If you’ve ever seen the movie Bambi, then you would have seen the masterpiece that was the work of Walt Disney. The movie captured nature in its artwork and then told a compelling story about a deer. Walt Disney had high standards for his for his work as Glenn Beck explains in this PragerU video. He […]