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Trump Attacks DeSantis For Signing Heartbeat Bill

In 2016, Donald Trump said that women who procure illegal abortions should face some sort of punishment. The pro-life industry attacked him. Ted Cruz attacked him, thus letting Trump get to the right of Cruz on this issue in the primary. That is a much different tone on the issue than the Donald Trump of […]

Tucker Carlson Trolled America

Donald Trump, citing his polling advantage, decided to forego the Republican Primary debate, a long anticipated move. But to the shock of many, he announced an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson.┬áTucker Carlson’s dramatic exit from Fox News has given him a freedom to pursue a less structured format. Indeed, Tucker Carlson has been a major […]

Who Won The Republican Primary Debate? The Republican Primary debate was the start of the race for many casual observers. Eight candidates took the stage whilst Trump announced he would not debate. So Starting from worst to best how did the candidates perform? Asa Hutchinson He was forgettable, got booed, and had zero moments. Chris Christie Christie had his moments […]

Fox News Fumbles First Republican Debate

The RNC Primary debate was the second major campaign event, following the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa last month. Like the first event, Donald Trump was not to show. Nevertheless, it was the biggest draw to Fox News in quite some time, and Fox News proved to be unprofessional and downright amateurish with the task […]

Jenna Ellis Crowdfunds Legal Defense After Trump Abandons Her

The latest rounds of indictments coming after Trump has a long list of codefendants as Fulton County, Georgia looks to employ RICO laws against Trump. RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization, and RICO laws are generally used to combat organized crime like the mafia. Jenna Ellis was one of the Trump election lawyers, and […]

Donald Trump Touts Paula White, Gets Franklin Graham’s Name Wrong At a Hannity Town Hall, Donald Trump was surprisingly asked a good question about his faith and how it had changed since running for President. In 2015, Donald Trump made it clear he never asked God for forgiveness. Since the zeitgeist has confronted Donald Trump, to put it mildly, it is worth asking whether […]

Jim Caviezel: Donald Trump is the new Moses

The success of the Sound Of Freedom movie has Jim Caviezel in a career resurgence, but nonetheless he has remained on the political right. Recently on an interview with Fox News, Jim Caviezel called Trump Moses while he was still Jesus, stunning the Fox News host who was evidently unaware that Trump had screened that […]

Donald Trump Skips Family Leadership Summit The most influential Christian political conference in the Family Leadership Summit hosted in Iowa every year. The Family Leader is a an organization with the mission of advancing “Christ-like leadership in the home, the church, and the government.” As Iowa is the first in the nation caucus state, the Family Leader has leveraged Iowa’s […]

William Wolfe Talks Trump vs DeSantis William Wolfe is one of the current thought leaders on the issue of Christian Nationalism. Before that he worked in politics both as a staffer for multiple House Representatives and a State Department staffer in the Trump Administration. After leaving the State department where he served as a political appointee, Wolfe turned towards a […]

Team Trump Has A Transgenderism Problem

The Bud Light blunder heard wrong the world has wrecked a company that has a history of supporting the Republican Party. Yet that won’t stop the very Republicans from labeling Bud Light gay and boycotting the parent company for promoting Dylan Mulvaney, America’s most infamous transvestite. Donald Trump Jr. has come out pleading with Republicans […]