Kathy Barnette Emerges As Dr. Oz Becomes Indefensible

https://youtu.be/lCHEYRVzfMs A month ago, the Evangelical Dark Web did a breakdown of the Pennsylvania US Senate race in which Dr. Oz was the frontrunner in a crowded field. Evangelical Dark Web endorsed Kathy Barnette as the preferred alternative to both the liberal Oz and the globalist David McCormick. (Partisan endorsements are a perk of not […]

Why Conservatives Can’t Support Dr. Oz | PA Senate Race Breakdown

https://youtu.be/LNVZKiYHYLo Outgoing Senator Pat Toomey and his career in Washington could at best be described as a mixed bag. The senator boasts a better Liberty Score than most Republican Senators but could hardly be described as the best or favorite of the senate, lacking the star power of a Cruz, Paul, or Johnson, while also […]

Trump’s Truth Social Flops Hard

https://youtu.be/I6cwYUZExEs In recent months, we have taken to outlining the social media landscape as many conservatives seek safe haven from Big Tech censorship and being canceled for wrongthink. The highly anticipated Trump backed social media project, Truth Social, was sold as the social media product that would migrate a large audience—that is republicans and Trump’s […]

Trump goes Full Branch Covidian with Bill O’Reilly

https://youtu.be/4UfyS7QCuZo After kickstarting his “The History Tour” by speaking at FBC Dallas during a Sunday worship service, Donald Trump and co-host Bill O’Reilly. Additionally he had a Fox News interview that aired Sunday that where he defends not firing Anthony Fauci out of fear for how the Democrats would have reacted. He also simped for Xi […]

Robert Jeffress Has Donald Trump Preach at FBC Dallas

Donald Trump is famously Christian-friendly but not himself a Christian by his own words about having no regrets and having Paula White as a spiritual advisor. Robert Jeffress is a notorious Trump shill who once endorsed Paula White’s book because of her role in Trump’s administration. Additionally, like many pastors who took PPP Loans, Robert […]

Social Media Chess

Within the past few weeks, there have been numerous headlines regarding various social media companies, both established brands and the alt-techs. Individually, they are little beyond mere headlines, but collectively, it amounts to an opening in chess with white and black executing on their respective openings. Instead of two players, there are numerous, all trying […]

Christianity Today admits Trump didn’t hurt Evangelical church witness

https://youtu.be/2r-xAffqzio Evangelicals were told for several years that “embracing” Trump would have a negative impact on the church. However, Christianity Today published an article with another study claiming that the church has had a more positive impact than negative from its perceived embrace of Donald Trump. To the butthurt of many in Big Eva, Christianity Today published […]

Christians need organization that leverages Republican Party, not the other way around

It’s quite obvious that Christians have no sway on the Democrat Party. The feigned shock of Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden exemplifies just how little this political machine cares for the woke Evangelical charlatans. The classic Christian response from an institutional level has been to create lofty organizations like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However […]

Cultural Marxist Beth Moore leaves SBC

Some things are rather coincidental and also predictable. For Beth Moore, leaving the SBC in a coordinated announcement with the help of the pagan Religious News Service is one of those things. The coincidence being that one year ago she gave a sermon on a Sunday morning at a Southern Baptist church. In this video […]

Discussing the legacy of Donald Trump and future of conservatism

It’s a strange situation when I find myself the optimist in a situation but that is precisely what happened in reference to Donald Trump in a recent live discussion with my colleague, JD Rucker. When setting out to discuss the legacy of Donald Trump, I did so not to navel gaze but to understand the […]