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Trump Puts Out Pro-Abortion Statement Touting IVF, Exceptions

Donald Trump has not been running a right-wing campaign as compared to his 2016 campaign. Among the issues highlighting this fact are abortion and transgenderism. Yesterday, Donald Trump released a video statement attempting to reach a unifying consensus on the most divisive issue in politics: abortion. Trump congratulated Alabama for protecting IVF, a practice […]

Donald Trump Grifts Bible For Holy Week

A few weeks after hosting a gay wedding at his residence, Donald Trump is now selling a Bible during Holy Week. Despite the good times Trump is having on the stock market, Trump continues to license his brand to various products like scam NFTs, shoes, and now a Bible. When Martin Luther printed Bibles, he […]

Donald Trump Hosts Gay Wedding At Mar-a-Lago

The battle between Christless conservatism and a more Christian Nationalist posture has been going on for some time. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President in 2024 took a bold stand for Christless conservatism by hosting a gay wedding at Mar-A-Lago where he was reportedly in attendance. According to Breitbart: The National Log Cabin […]

We Are All Christian Nationalists Now In a recent display of their predictable liberal agenda, the mainstream media outlets have once again taken it upon themselves to sow discord and fear, this time by propagating a disingenuous narrative that a second term for President Donald Trump would be dominated by Christian Nationalists and usher in an era of Christian Nationalism. […]

Woke Evangelicals Mad Nikki Haley Unsupported By Christians

The South Carolina primary results were a disaster for Nikki Haley whose consolidated support in her home state still led to a massive defeat. So naturally the reaction from Woke Evangelicals was to chide Evangelicals for not supporting Nikki Haley. CNN exit polls in South Carolina primary: White evangelical Christians:75% Trump24% Haley Everyone else:51% Haley49% […]

Trump Defends IVF, Calls For Alabama To Pass Protections

In recent years, there has been a major push in Evangelicalism to call out the practice of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) because of its industry practice of aborting more babies than are born. and this issue has become a major sticking point for the pro-life movement as the prominence of IVF and surrogacy rise with affluent […]

3 Reasons Why I Am Endorsing Ron DeSantis For those who follow me closely, I have been open on social media and on livestreams that I support DeSantis over Trump. But in the interest of transparency I wanted to make it clear here. This represents my personal opinion and no one else on team Evangelical Dark Web, and this ministry will not […]

Wayne Grudem Endorses Ron DeSantis

Wayne Grudem is one of the most impactful theologians in Evangelical academia, specifically his Systematic Theology and previous work on major issues like female pastors. During the 2020 election, Wayne Grudem spoke out and critiqued John Piper’s article to comfort Biden voters. More recently, Wayne Grudem called on Trump to drop out of the 2024 presidential election. […]

Donald Trump Touts Blasphemous, Self-Messianic Video

There is no question that Donald Trump surrounds himself with morally questionable figures. On the religious front, Donald Trump, even within the last six months, touted Paula White as a mentor. Paula White uniquely appeals to those who see Trump as a messianic figure. She posted this video The video in question was made […]

Wayne Grudem Calls For Trump To Drop Out Wayne Grudem is one of the most impactful figures in Evangelical academia, specifically his Systematic Theology and previous work on major issues like female pastors. During the 2020 election, Wayne Grudem spoke out and critiqued John Piper’s trash article to comfort Biden voters. Now Wayne Grudem is calling on Trump to drop out of […]