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Doug Wilson And Al Mohler Unite For Christian Nationalism Doug Wilson and Al Mohler have not always had a publicly amiable relationship, albeit the distance was onesided. In 2022, Doug Wilson’s Canon Press would advertise having some Al Mohler content on their platform. Doug Wilson’s move was done at a time when Mohler’s contribution to the rise of Critical Race Theory in the […]

Big Eva Astroturfs New Anti-Doug Wilson Group

It should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Doug Wilson has a lot of enemies. Wilson is arguably the most influential Reformed pastor in the United States. Despite the fact that there are various hater groups like Examining Moscow who have launched extensive campaigns against Wilson, none of these coalitions have reached an […]

Toby Sumpter, Rory Wilson: The Weakness of the Moscow Mood

In late 2023, the Moscow Mood was all the rage, with Kevin DeYoung taking aim at Doug Wilson and a masculine approach to Christianity that Moscow represents whereas The Gospel Coalition represents the antithesis. To his credit, Wilson is a pioneer, leading him to build Moscow and a reputation that has garnered increasing credibility in […]

Doug Wilson Peddles ‘Woke Right’ Myth Doug Wilson recently appeared on the Room For Nuance podcast to respond to criticism levied against him on the podcast by Ligon Duncan. Ligon Duncan is a woke preacher, but Sean DeMars of Room For Nuance wants the audience to know that he’s not woke and invited Doug Wilson on following his interview with […]

Doug Wilson Defends Christian Nationalism On Tucker Carlson Tucker Carlson has been doing multiple interviews recently geared toward a Christian audience. Last week he did an interview that highlighted the reasons why Middle Eastern Christians do not like Israel in a move that was meant to drive a wedge between Evangelicals and their support for the nation-state of Israel. On Monday, Doug […]

Doug Wilson Roasts Michael O’Fallon After He Slanders Christian Nationalists

As the debate over Christian Nationalism continues, Michael O’Fallon remains one of its most persistent opponents among those who rejected Critical Race Theory. Earlier this week, Michael O’Fallon accused Christian Nationalists of partnering with Woke Evangelical leaders creating an atmosphere of irony that Doug Wilson could not resist roasting him for. For starters, it is […]

Dear Doug Wilson: This Is Envy Doug Wilson’s accusation of envy against Christian whom he accuses, with or without self-identification, of antisemitism is an instance of Wilson inadvertently being right about the problem in every way but what he articulated. Wilson talked in the trailer for his book American Milk and Honey about envy being sourced from inferiority before blaming […]

Doug Wilson Accuses Christians Of Envying Jews Doug Wilson has no shortage of controversies, and his latest book might be his most controversial in terms of potentially alienating Christians who would otherwise align with him theologically. His book American Milk and Honey has attempted to balance the sociological criticisms of Jews within a framework for God’s continued plan for them. Doug Wilson […]

Latest Podcast: Doug Wilson’s Cease and Desist Letter On Saturday, we reported on Doug Wilson’s case and desist letter threatening a lawsuit against an anonymous social media group dedicated against him. Here is a podcast/latest YouTube video on that. Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, help […]

Doug Wilson Threatens Examining Moscow With Lawsuit

Doug Wilson is one of the most controversial and impactful figures in reformed theology alive today. He has no shortage of critics. While many are within the bounds of orthodoxy, his loudest online critics are a liberal group called Examining Moscow. Doug Wilson has had enough and has threatened them with a defamation lawsuit in […]