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Latest Podcast: Doug Wilson’s Cease and Desist Letter On Saturday, we reported on Doug Wilson’s case and desist letter threatening a lawsuit against an anonymous social media group dedicated against him. Here is a podcast/latest YouTube video on that. Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, help […]

Doug Wilson Threatens Examining Moscow With Lawsuit

Doug Wilson is one of the most controversial and impactful figures in reformed theology alive today. He has no shortage of critics. While many are within the bounds of orthodoxy, his loudest online critics are a liberal group called Examining Moscow. Doug Wilson has had enough and has threatened them with a defamation lawsuit in […]

Doug Wilson’s Third-Way Virtue Signal Against Stephen Wolfe And CREC Church Doug Wilson is one of the most popular figures in Reformed Evangelicalism, specifically those in or adjacent to the CREC denomination (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches). The controversial pastor has proven to be an eloquent writer and orator. This week he took aim at both Stephen Wolfe and Christ the Redeemer Church in Pella, […]

Doug Wilson Strikes Back At Kevin DeYoung The Kevin DeYoung critique of Doug Wilson set off a controversy that DeYoung has no intention of finishing. Nonetheless, his attempt to halt the rise of what he calls the “Moscow Mood” will rather hasten it due to the inadequacies and hypocrisy of DeYoung. Doug Wilson responded on Monday with a lengthy column responding […]

That Gospel Coalition Mood


The Kevin DeYoung article attacking Doug Wilson as unqualified to be a pastor is a massive example of a log in your own eye, as Kevin DeYoung has remained on The Gospel Coalition’s counsel despite its decade of liberal drift. Since Kevin DeYoung has a problem with the Moscow Mood, perhaps it’s worth reminding everyone […]

Kevin DeYoung vs Doug Wilson: An Effeminate Critique Doug Wilson is one of the most controversial figures in Reformed Evangelicalism due to his longstanding prominence and poetic writing style. Most of the criticisms against Doug Wilson are liberal critiques, and Kevin DeYoung’s concerns are not distinct from these. In his article,¬†On Culture War, Doug Wilson, and the Moscow Mood Kevin DeYoung clutches […]

Doug Wilson, Andrew Isker Debate Modern Judaism, Antisemitism Doug Wilson is one of the thought leaders in Reformed circles and he sat down with Andrew Isker to debate the “Jewish Questions” that Christians have been debating for centuries. They also debate the nature of antisemitism. Both Doug Wilson and Andrew Isker are arguing from a Reformed perspective, therefore not dispensational. Doug Wilson […]

Doug Wilson and Jared Moore Debate Concupiscence and Homosexuality Doug Wilson has been involved in a controversy surrounding his views on concupiscence as it relates to homosexuality. Pastor Jared Moore has called out Doug Wilson for having a view that essentially had some of the same adopted premises and application as Side B theology. Side B theology teaches homosexual orientation and that homosexual […]

Doug Wilson Doubles Down On Errant Side B Theology Last week we were sent Doug Wilson’s response to the ongoing controversy over his support of Side B theology. This effort was led by Jared Moore and his appearance on the Conversations That Matter podcast jumpstarted a conversation of Doug Wilson’s views that Doug Wilson has finally responded to. Doug Wilson would write over […]

Doug Wilson Called Out For Supporting Side B Theology Jared Moore is one of the few researchers tackling Side B Theology out there and in a recent interview with Jon Harris, he names names who have been aiding and abetting Side B theology in the church. Doug Wilson was perhaps the most surprising name to be named, but Jared Moore brought the receipts. […]