Big Eva Ignores, Promotes Chinese Lockdown Many Americans are unaware that Chinese cities have enacted some of the most severe lockdowns we’ve seen in the last two years in a major city such as Shanghai. That’s probably because the TV told Americans not to care about this. Meanwhile, Americans are trying to evacuate as the lockdowns turn violent. The response […]

Josh McDowell is a coward Earlier in September, Josh McDowell made and would later apologize for his remarks about skin color that he made at a conference.┬áBut the words he actually spoke attributed disparities to culture as opposed to skin color. This invited hard conversations for people to have, and while Josh McDowell was not 100% right, he was […]

Francis Collins dead wrong on religious exemptions, promotes transgenderism In continuing our coverage of NIH director, Francis Collins doing a podcast interview with Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer, the second half largely focuses on vaccine exemptions. The first half exposes Francis Collins to be a Christian in name only who joyfully neglect to go to church for over 18 months. He further tries to […]

Big Eva’s Ed Stetzer promotes Branch Covidianism in Francis Collins interview Ed Stetzer has pilfered the church as a supposed church growth expert, but is ultimately a theological liberal, a wolf in wolf’s clothing. However, his supposed expertise allows him to maintain an influence over the church via prominent faith-based article aggregating sites like church leaders (which totally embraces the Revoice Movement by the way.) […]

Kevin Ezell funded disgraced pastor James MacDonald

Often times with disgraced megachurch pastors, there were several warning signs. For Ravi Zacharias, it was the fact that he was having a sexting affair. For Mark Driscoll’s latest shenanigans, it was Mars Hill, and before that falling out there were several ignored reports about his leadership. James MacDonald is remarkably similar to Mark Driscoll, […]

Black churchgoers disproportionately not attending in-person worship

With all of the talk of systemic racism throughout the woke church, one disparity that carries more eternal significance (compared to income, education, etc.) is that black Americans who attend church are more disproportionately impacted by churches locking down. This Lifeway data was reported by Ed Stetzer‘s blog at Christianity Today. The article was titled […]