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Unearthed Cringe: The JD Greear Rap Video

With the race for the Southern Baptist Convention a month away, an old video was unearthed containing a rap video celebrating JD Greear’s determination. Although the video was so ridiculed that they took it off YouTube, the internet is forever, and this cringeworthy video is here to remind everybody just how liberal the crowd around […]

Exposing How The Chosen Uses Woke Preachers The Chosen and the He Gets Us Campaign are a Venn diagram in their depiction of Jesus that is increasingly becoming a circle. The seeker-sensitive mentality is well-known in both instances. The Chosen has been marred by numerous scandals including Dallas Jenkins defending Mormonism and The Chosen promoting homosexuality in their promotional videos (along […]

Sean McDowell Defends He Gets Us Campaign The He Gets Us Campaign spent millions of dollars on woke Super Bowl ads that essentially paint Christians as the bad guys. The frivolity of this expenditure was made even more devastating when a Christian YouTuber fixed the commercial they ran to make a compelling gospel narrative where none could be found in any […]

Liberal Evangelical Media Attacks Babylon Bee For Vivek Ramaswamy Article

Vivek Ramaswamy ended his campaign after the Iowa Caucus and immediately endorsed Donald Trump. In response, Babylon Bee published the headline Trump Promises Vivek An Administration Position Running The White House 7-Eleven. The amount of layers to this joke is rather phenomenal. It makes fun of Trump, Indians, Ramaswamy, and an earlier time when Joe […]

Max Lucado and the He Gets Us Campaign One of the most overlooked aspects of both the He Gets Us Campaign and The Chosen is the Big Eva industry working behind the scenes to fund and market products that ultimately put out a substandard Jesus. The He Gets Us Campaign seemingly came out of nowhere with the ability to put up the […]

Ed Stetzer Defends Andy Stanley Andy Stanley’s recent sermon at North Point Community Church got leaked despite the decision to not livestream it. Yet that has not stopped Christian Media from gaslighting Evangelicals on what Andy Stanley actually said. Ed Stetzer has come out in support of Andy Stanley and ran multiple articles trying to control the narrative of […]

Christian Media Attacks Ron DeSantis Over Tough On Immigration Policies

With the 2024 Presidential race a both a year and a half out and having already started, it’s been interesting to watch Big Eva posture for the heat Republican Party primary. Figures like Franklin Graham have publicly supported (not endorsed) Mike Pence for president. John Hagee has touted his support for Nikki Haley and was […]

Biola University Gets Even More Liberal, Hires Ed Stetzer

The term failing upward has often been used to describe Hollywood types like JJ Abrams who has never directed a good movie yet has been allowed to touch Star Trek, Star Wars, and even Amazon’s Rings of Power. But this phenomenon exists in Big Eva as well and it is embodied by Ed Stetzer. Ed […]

Christian Media Runs Cover For Andy Stanley Every now and then, it’s good to take stock in the victories of discernment ministries. Truth be told, we put Andy Stanley on blast for his views on homosexuality. Andy Stanley would be in a shortlist of pastors most influential pastors in America. Truth be told, I attended a church heavily influenced by Stanley […]

Kevin Ezell Backs Down From Supporting He Gets Us Campaign

As head of the North American Mission Board, Kevin Ezell has been kingmaker in the Southern Baptist Convention. He helped JD Greear, Ed Litton, and Bart Barber all become presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention to ignore the decline in missional effectiveness of the North American Mission Board. Yesterday, NAMB announced in partnership with Ed […]