Salem Media Defends Al Mohler In the Polemics Report Podcast, Judd Saul explained how he was in talks to distribute his Enemies Within The Church documentary with Salem Media on their streaming service. Salem Media is one of the largest conservative and Christian broadcasting organizations in America. However, Judd Saul explains that the film’s targeting of Al Mohler killed […]

Top Stories In The Church 2021

2021 was an impactful year for the church. And the grand scheme of church history, we really live in a critical juncture. For the church to collapse in western civilization where it had been strongest for nearly the entirety of church history is not only seldom precedented but has far reaching implications for the rest […]

Adam Greenway Meltdowns Over Enemies Within The Church Documentary The long awaited Enemies Within The Church documentary has finally come out, and the first major Big Eva acknowledgement or “backlash” against the film post-release is Adam Greenway trying to suppress a premiere viewing at a competing seminary. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the few uncompromised seminaries left, and they exist as […]

Enemies Within The Church Review Full disclosure, I have been a donor to Enemies Within The Church for the past two years, and am credited in the film for this effort. That being said, my ability to evaluate this long-awaited film is not impaired. Going into this film which I believed to be behind schedule, I was wondering whether […]

The Story of First Baptist Church Naples Documentary Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Christian Film Review, but I had the opportunity to talk about a Christian film and Discernment, so here we are. Enemies Within The Church has been in production for years. I have been a vocal supporter of their project, but admittedly, they have fallen way behind their […]

Must Watch: Story of First Baptist Naples trailer

A little background is necessary. Back in October, a FBC Naples had a committee for a new senior pastor. They tried to ramrod Marcus Hayes who had connections within the Southern Baptist Convention such as JD Greear and Kevin Ezell, the SBC President and head of the North American Mission Board respectively. Both are featured […]

Christian activist, Philip Haney, murdered

It became news over the weekend that Philip Haney was found dead in his home. Haney is most widely known for being a DHS whistleblower during the Obama administration. Unfortunately what is lesser known is that Philip Haney was a devout Christian who was active in fighting the Social Justice Gospel and Islam. Haney is […]

Watch SAMCON2019

[Editor’s Note: This is not a freebie. But Enemies Within the Church is a cause we support, and purchasing SAMCon is essentially a donation to a very good cause] STAND AGAINST MARXISM Conference 2019 Hosted by the Enemies Within The Church Project The Conference was held Oct. 18–19, 2019 @ The Iowa Events Center in […]

Support Enemies Within The Church

The Evangelical Dark Web, by its nature is a group of decentralized individuals contesting for the faith against false gospels infiltrating the church. Among such heresies are the Prosperity Gospel, Popularity Gospel, and the Social Justice Gospel. Enemies Within The Church is an excellent organization producing a documentary naming names, exposing the false teachers of the […]

The Great Awokening Conference to address Popularity Gospel!

JD Hall, Judd Saul, and Aaron Kilbourn headline The Great Awokening Conference in Parker, South Dakota to address the prevalent issue of the Social Justice Gospel and subsequent issues like critical race theory. JD Hall is a part of the Evangelical Dark Web over at Pulpit and Pen. Judd Saul is the director of the upcoming […]