ERLC defends death row inmate’s religious liberty before their own churches

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has routinely been criticized for failing to live up to its own name. However with regards to one Texas inmate facing execution, the ERLC decided that religious liberty was an issue worth fighting for. According to Christian Post, the ERLC teamed up in an interfaith […]

Why The Moral Majority Was A Success Too often conservatives are criticized for focusing too much on the next election as opposed to the next generation. This has certainly proven to be the case to where our culture is so entrenched in government, we believe that we need all these taxes and entitlement spending. Meanwhile the country has drifted to the […]

Did Russell Moore plagiarize his own resignation letter?

The Russell Moore saga continues with Russell Moore’s resignation letter to SBC President JD Greear being leaked to a rather low level blog. Russell Moore, the now former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, made waves in the conversation leading up to SBC2021 when his letter to the […]

Russell Moore slanders Baptists in leaked letter

Following Russell Moore’s announced exit from the Ethic and Religious Liberty Commission, a letter he sent to their board of trustees was “leaked” to the pagan Religion News Service. Russell Moore has been the number one target of discernment blogs since around 2011 for being liberal on homosexuality, immigration, Critical Race Theory, and gender among […]

Russell Moore leaves ERLC for Christianity Today

One of the most notorious liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention is Russell Moore. As head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore has pushed for open borders policies and little else of substance. During a year of unprecedented tyranny, Russell Moore held the cloak of the government as they shut down churches. […]

The ERLC receives millions, accomplishes nothing

One of the most obvious scams in Big Eva is the establishment of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, a parachurch organization operating within the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. Within the Cooperative Program, the North American Mission Board is perhaps the largest scam in terms of scale and corruption. However the most […]

Christians need organization that leverages Republican Party, not the other way around

It’s quite obvious that Christians have no sway on the Democrat Party. The feigned shock of Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden exemplifies just how little this political machine cares for the woke Evangelical charlatans. The classic Christian response from an institutional level has been to create lofty organizations like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However […]

Can Russell Moore be more pretentious?

One of the easiest ways to oppose the church is to criticize Christians in communist magazines, like Time. Often Big Eva Woke Evangelicals have gained major publicity by badmouthing the church on a pagan platform, whether it be the New York Times, Washington Post, or in this case, Time Magazine. Russell Moore got to sound […]

Big Eva relishes Big Tech’s crackdown

President Trump’s exile from large portions of the internet would appear to be the most egregious act of censorship to date. In under forty-eight hours, Twitter not only banished Trump, but purged thousands, if not millions, of accounts, almost exclusively leaning to one political view. I have been warning about the John 1:18 level intimacy […]

Exclusive: These Pastors and Churches Took Millions in PPP Loans

Joel Osteen landed in hot water when the Houston Chronicle broke the story that Lakewood Church had indeed accepted Payroll Payment Protection loans under the Small Business Administration’s allocation for non-profit organizations to benefit from this lockdown relief program, which he previously denied. But Joel Osteen was far from the only pastor and Lakewood Church […]