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ERLC’s Brent Leatherwood Tries To Take Credit For Tennessee Anti Transing Kids Law

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is the political arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, yet it seldom represents the views of the largest conservative denomination in the United States. On Thursday, a federal appellate court upheld the laws in both Tennessee and Kentucky preventing the mutilation of children for the purposes of transgenderism. Yesterday, […]

ERLC’s Brent Leatherwood Eulogizes Dianne Feinstein As Bipartisan

Senator Dianne Feinstein died. She hated Christ. She was a tyrant. There’s a culture in Christianity that likes to suppose that her outcome isn’t known, but this is just a spirit of timidity amidst the assurance that the Bible provides. For if we have confidence in our own salvation, then we have a similar confidence […]

Brent Leatherwood: Mothers Who Take Abortion Pills Aren’t Murderers At the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission gave their report which was an emotional affair laced with embellished contributions to legislative achievements whilst omitting the one policy they are on record for supporting: gun control in Tennessee. At the end of the report, Brent Leatherwood was asked a […]

SBC23: A Mitigated Disaster

The annual Southern Baptist Convention was the 3rd convention in which conservative Baptist were mobilized against the liberal drift in the denomination. In this convention, the conservatives would see both continued setbacks and substantial gains, previously unseen in the previous conventions. In 2021, the conservatives lost the presidential race winning only a minor office of […]

Southern Baptist Convention Lobbies For Gun Control

This issue has been brewing ever since a transvestite open fired on Christian children and teachers in a private school in Nashville, Tennessee. As men like William Wolfe have noted, Big Eva is pivoting towards supporting gun control legislation, and now we see the evidence of Brent Leatherwood president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty […]

Brent Leatherwood Condemns George Santos, Omits Sexual Sin

What sin would it take for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention to declare that one is unfit to serve in Congress? Apparently, pulling a Saul Goodman is the answer. Now, within the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill, there are all sorts of corruptions that could be condemned. There […]

Good Thing The Hebrew Midwives Didn’t Think Like Bart Barber

In the aftermath of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s decision to make Brent Leatherwood the official president of the organization, pro-life Christians lambasted the decision for Leatherwood’s past celebration of Ketanji Brown-Jacksons SCOTUS confirmation and opposition to pro-life legislation in Louisiana. Bart Barber went on the offensive attacking Dusty Deevers, calling his opposition the […]

Brent Leatherwood Officially Named Head of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission After a year of serving as the interim president of the Ethics and Religious Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Brent Leatherwood was officially named president of the ERLC, one year after being named interim president. Currently, many Southern Baptist entities are having meetings and convention, and in the ERLC’s annual meeting they voted […]

Dissecting The ERLC’s Impotent Defense of Marriage

As the so-called Respect of Marriage Act progresses from the House of Representatives to the US Senate, it has garnered the attention of mainstream conservative and Christian outlets. Unfortunately, since the passage in the House, where an odd set of 47 republicans voted to affirm gay “marriage” in a massive moment of liberal drift, it […]

The World Economic Forum and the ERLC Go Way Back

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission was the first Southern Baptist Cooperative Program entity to become noticeably compromised. But much of these issues arose under the leadership of Russell Moore. While it could be stated that NAMB’s ambitions towards the takeover of state conventions has been ongoing for over a decade, the compromise of the […]