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Polyamory isn’t pursued for noble reasons

It has been said, that polyamory is the next frontier for Biblical sexuality to confront. Though, currently transgenderism and its best friend, pedophilia, are a more omnipresent fight, at least in America, it would not be unwise for pastors to equip themselves to fight the rise of orgy relationship known by the flowery title polyamory. […]

Watch: Andy Stanley – Obvious False Teacher

  The Evangelical Dark Web exposes Andy Stanley’s heretical worldview. Andy Stanley is a pastor at one of America’s largest megachurches 5th according to Wikipedia, #1 according to Outreach. His influence on the evangelical church is perhaps second to none. As a result many, Christians and churches are influenced by his teachings. This video is […]

DarkLinks 31: Mobilization of Big Eva

The articles for this edition of DarkLinks are a bit scattered on their timeline. We’ve been sitting on them for days, but a coherent theme seemed to emerge after the Superbowl exited the news cycle. Big Eva is on the move. We first start off with an ERLC fellow joining Beth Moore in condemning littler […]

Beth Moore attacks discernment on social media. I wonder why…

On the upcoming release of her new book, Beth Moore took to Twitter on January 28, 2019 to lob an attack from on her high platform at those beneath her who criticize her and her teachings. Calling criticism slander, Beth Moore took an elitist tone towards the “tens of thousands” of people who on social […]

The Evangelical Dark Web

The battle for the soul of the evangelical church in the United States spans across the remaining denominations that have not openly fallen into apostasy. The United Methodist Church was saved by the African delegations from rejecting biblical ministry standards. The Southern Baptist Convention struggles to reject critical race theory. Many denominations have split over […]

RIP Startup Christ. Something New Is Coming!

Over the past two years, I have been maintaining at Startup Christ. Startup Christ was initially founded for the Christian Entrepreneur. But in two years, while there has been growth, it was not sufficiently satisfying for me. Lately I have been reevaluating Startup Christ and its purpose. While entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to better […]