Introducing the Evangelical Dark Web Hub

Evangelical Dark We

In the beginning of the year, it became apparent that Christians need to build their own infrastructure, and not be dependent on Big Tech as much as possible. The Evangelical Dark Web, last month, launched the new site away from the WordPress Dot Com platform in an effort to advance this purpose and ministry. Though […]

Dr. Bobby Lopez to appear on the Evangelical Dark Web

Dr. Bobby Lopez is one of the most challenging voices in the church, in my opinion. He first became a high profile name in Evangelicalism when he was fired by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for sharing his testimony under a pseudonym that connected homosexuality to abuse. As a whistleblower, Lopez was instrumental in revealing the […]

August 2021 EDW Report

Evangelical Dark We

August was a big month for the Evangelical Dark Web but not because it was our biggest month. In fact, I don’t believe it came close to July. However, August featured the launch of a new site, off of the WordPress.Com platform and onto our own. This effort was undergone with the intention of avoiding […]

Most Popular Evangelical Dark Web video restored after winning copyright claim

At the beginning of August, Evangelical Dark Web explained that we were in a copyright dispute over our video exposing Steven Furtick‘s modalist teachings. Modalism is an anti-trinitarian heresy dating back to antiquity that teaches that God changes forms, ie Jesus becomes the Holy Spirit. Christianity teaches that God The Father, God the Son, and […]

July 2021 EDW Report

Every month, readers of the Evangelical Dark Web get to read the progress that they are supporting. July was the best month ever by every metric, in both written and video content. There was no lull in the action. July started off with the General Assembly of the PCA. Evangelical Dark Web provided some of […]

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus takes on Evangelical Dark Web

On Friday, Evangelical Dark Web continued it’s coverage of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on Friday making note of diddler infested group’s vow to scrub their own video from the internet. On Saturday night, SFGMC manually filed a DMCA takedown request to YouTube on Evangelical Dark Web’s initial video responding to their viral video. […]

Discussing SermonGate, Pastor Plagiarism, and Sermon Prep

A unique perspective to bring to the table on Ed Litton’s scandal of ripping off JD Greear’s sermons is a local pastor who does the hard work week in and week out. Pastor Troy Skinner, a pastor of a local church in Maryland, joins the Evangelical Dark Web to discuss sermongate which was a launching […]

June 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I provide a recap of the previous months and highlight the success and challenges of this ministry. The month of May was a great month, but June was even better. The month of June featured multiple “Superbowl” level events for Evangelicalism with SBC21 and the General Assembly of the PCA. From an earthly […]

Why so much focus on the Southern Baptist Convention

I’m not a Southern Baptist anymore. I grew up Southern Baptist and left for reasons other than the doctrinal downgrade that is most obvious today. I have since not rejoined, yet have made a habit out of covering this denomination more than others. A reader outside the SBC may find this brand of church politics […]

May 2021 EDW Report

In April’s EDW Report, I expressed disappointment with the outcomes, despite doing some excellent reporting. In May, I believe we are back on the right track, striking an excellent balance ranging from niche Southern Baptist articles to general reporting on celebrity pastors. A major observation is that daily article traffic was responsible for the bulk […]