December 2022 EDW Report

Every month, Evangelical Dark Web publishes a report on the previous month so as to provide an overview of what’s going on in the church at-large and this ministry. This report comes a bit delayed as the beginning of the year was an active news cycle. December was a big month for our reporting at […]

Our Most Popular Articles From 2022

As distinct from the top ten article of 2022, this is about the best performers from 2022. Discernment verdicts were among the top performers, but there are always major articles that we write that do exceedingly well too. 10.¬†JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church Written about JD Greear at the beginning of the […]

Our Most Watched Videos in 2022

Evangelical Dark Web does a hybrid of website and YouTube ministry, which emerged because so many of the stories we cover heavily rely on video. Unlike the most viewed posts in 2022, most of the most viewed videos were actually from 2022. However the top 4 are legacy videos from late 2021 or even 2020. […]

Top 10 Articles of 2022

The most read articles of the year are the result of the search engine optimization of Evangelical Dark Web. In this our articles appear when people are researching famous pastors. The verdicts that we write outperformed the daily news on the year more than they did last year. This is a look at how some […]

Ron DeSantis Cleans Up 2nd Annual Eva Awards In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end live stream we count down the year’s biggest stories and host our annual award show in which we highlight the heroes, villains, winners, and losers of the year. The Eva awards are audience participatory and supporters of the Evangelical Dark Web got to vote on multiple categories as […]

Don’t Miss Our Year End Livestream While many Christians and other quality figures are taking a break during this time, we are full steam, and we will end the year with a year end review in which we recount the biggest stories, highlight the heroes and villains of the year, and interact with our supporters. Last year, our award show […]

Going Old Testament With Dr. Russell Fuller Dr. Russell Fuller was fired from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention, by Al Mohler in early 2020 for standing up to the mission drift in the seminary. He is a leading expert in Ancient Hebrew and an incredible Old Testament scholar that I sat under and learned […]

November 2022 EDW Report

Every month Evangelical Dark Web publishes an update on what’s going on in this ministry and the movement at large. November was a much slower month than the previous months. Things generally slow down for ecclesiastical news around holidays. November had both an election and Thanksgiving. But despite these breaks, traffic was still good. Towards […]

Historical Hot Takes With Jon Harris Jon Harris is a well known discernment YouTube channel that was an early mover in the fight against Social Justice in the church. His approach to ministry is both like a scholar and like a historian. In my first and hopefully not the last interview with him, we talk history, mainly American history. As […]