Announcement: Evangelical Dark Web Founder runs for local office

Today I have filed to run for County Commissioner representing District 4 of Carroll County. I am doing this as a Republican. I believe, with strong conservative governance, we can make Carroll County a bastion of freedom in the deep blue state of Maryland. What does this look like? It looks like making Carroll County […]

December 2021 EDW Report

December was most definitely the slowest news month for Evangelicalism in quite some time. Evangelical Dark Web broke a major story on the Revoice Movement after uncovering a private YouTube video. Additionally, our article exposing Russell Moore’s dealings with “Good Neighbor” gained additional attention. Despite the slow news month, the Evangelical Dark Web was still […]

Mike Lindell, Francis Collins Win Big At First Ever Eva Awards In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end livestream, after a review of the top stories of 2021, there’s an award show portion that celebrates the highlights of the year. Mike Lindell set the record last night winning two awards. Biggest Hack and Biggest Scammer, for creating a social media platform for his fan club and […]

Top Stories In The Church 2021

2021 was an impactful year for the church. And the grand scheme of church history, we really live in a critical juncture. For the church to collapse in western civilization where it had been strongest for nearly the entirety of church history is not only seldom precedented but has far reaching implications for the rest […]

Our Most Popular Articles From 2021

It’s been a dynamic year for Evangelical Dark Web, and in 2021 our reporting as a news gatherer grew substantially as did its share in our readership. In 2020, 8 of the top 10 were verdicts done as part of the discernment ministry here. 2020 proved that using reader interest to drive discernment research was […]

Our Most Watched Videos of 2021

In 2021, Evangelical Dark Web expanded video content and would produce videos in companion with articles. Though more work, this plan successfully expanded our reach to two different audiences. It’s also allows better coverage of viral videos and  sermons that contain false teaching. In 2021 the YouTube channel grew fivefold. Here are the top videos […]

November 2021 EDW Report

Evangelical Dark We

Every month I provide a report on this ministry and a general overview of what the main takeaways were from the previous month. For Evangelical Dark Web, November was a steady month. Evangelical Dark Web broke the story about JD Greear’s church having a location that is imposing a medical apartheid. This story was picked […]

Evangelical Dark Web now has merch

Evangelical Dark We For a long while now, I have wanted to get some shirts for myself, but like with most other changes to this website, ministry, they are often put off for months, like the audio podcast idea. But with the onset of the Christmas season, I finally thought to make a tee-shirt design for Evangelical […]

Podcast: Discussing Eternity News, International Big Eva. Guest: The Other Paul The Other Paul returns to lead the conversation about Eternity News, the most prominent Big Eva site down under. In the last conversation we had, Paul gave us the rundown of what it’s like in Australia and the state of its church. That is where the conversation begins today as he reports a more […]

The Gospel Coalition softens slander against Kyle Rittenhouse


In a rare move, The Gospel Coalition has walked back a previous woke analysis made by one of its contributors, K. Edward Copeland that had slandered Kyle Rittenhouse. The initial slander had called him a mass shooter and compared him to Dylan Roof. The updated version of the article only compares him to Dylan Roof. […]