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No, Steven Furtick’s heretical Burning Bush claim was not taken out of context

The largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention is Elevation church with approximately 35,000 members, making it the 8th largest church in the United States. Elevation was a plague to the SBC after Steven Furtick acquired a reputation for outlandish claims about what the Bible says. Ultimately, Evangelical Dark Web concluded that Steven Furtick is […]

We’re living in Star Wars land. Here’s A New Hope for America.

A couple of months ago we were mere minutes away from the Rubicon. But now, we are seconds away from becoming a vassal of China. A long process in the making, the country that once stood for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is becoming unrecognizable from its founding. As Big Tech and Big Government […]

Why states should defy Roe in one Bible verse

One of the forgotten doctrines of Christianity is the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates. While it can most certainly be said that verses in Genesis create a foundation for this doctrine via the establishment of differing jurisdictions of earthly authority (Genesis 3), in Exodus 1 we see the first instance of this doctrine applied. In brief […]

Was Israelite bondage in Egypt comparable to American slavery?

Woke Evangelicals, such as Dr. Eric Mason, have used the book of Exodus to promote the idea of reparations for slavery. But can the American slave system be compared to that of the Hebrews in Ancient Egypt? In this series, we will examine the use of the Hebrew experience in Egypt to advance an agenda […]