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Beth Moore To Preach At Duke Chapel

Beth Moore’s exit from the Southern Baptist Convention was seen by many as a full embrace of egalitarian feminism. However, she has kept a much lower profile for the last two and a half years. Perhaps the demand was lower since her Living Proof Ministries operated in the red. Alternatively, her entrance into a patriarchal […]

Debunking Bridgetown Church’s Best Worst Arguments for Female Pastors

Introduction Bridgetown Church is a megachurch located in Portland, Oregon founded by John Mark Comer, who since resigned after being “burned out,” leaving the church under the leadership of Tyler Staton. Bridgetown Church reflects the culture of Portland and has taken a soft Side B theological approach on homosexuality, in which it derides orthodox believers […]

Ex-Wife of Joshua Harris Showcases Her Deconstruction Joshua Harris is the famous author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye a book in which Harris, while rather young, figured out that courtship was a biblical model for vetting marriage partners. Evidently not, as Joshua Harris would eventually get divorced and renounce Christianity. So too, would his wife. Just like Joshua Harris turned faith deconstruction […]

Yikes: Very Few Churches Leave Christian And Missionary Alliance Over Female Pastors

Feminism is making a renewed push in the church across multiple denominations. Whereas this is a contentious battle in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Christian and Missionary Alliance is just laying down and taking it. After a recent decision to allow female pastors just eight churches have announced an exit from the denomination. Alliance Bible […]

The Gospel Coalition Talks Barbie Movie Too often, Christian writers want to write movie reviews but they are writing for a “Christian” outlet so they try to shoehorn in a message to the church from a particular movie. This is true with a number of The Gospel Coalition’s articles like when they compared Jesus to Bruno from Encanto or sang the praise […]

Christian Post Claims That Female Pastors Are Theologically Conservative During the Annual Southern Baptist Convention the issue of female pastors was at the forefront with the denomination taking a strong posture against the matter. However, as it was argued that female pastors is theological liberalism, Christian Post has since come to the defense of female pastors by claiming that a church can have […]

Vanguard Church Dares SBC to Disfellowship

The passage of the Mike Law amendment at the SBC 2023 convention, paired with the disfellowshipping of Fern Creek and Saddleback (or Brokeback) Church has sent a warning shot across the denomination to the egalitarians within. While there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, who possess women pastors, two of the more notorious bad actors were […]

Brent Leatherwood: Mothers Who Take Abortion Pills Aren’t Murderers At the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission gave their report which was an emotional affair laced with embellished contributions to legislative achievements whilst omitting the one policy they are on record for supporting: gun control in Tennessee. At the end of the report, Brent Leatherwood was asked a […]

Final Predictions For 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention

It’s time we make our final, bold predictions ahead of the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. Last year we went 3 for 6 in our predictions, but none of our predictions were layups. This year we’re giving our hot take predictions which will play a key role in our upcoming livestreams on the Southern Baptist […]

How James Lindsay, Michael O’Fallon Go Woke On Gender Many Christians consider James Lindsay an expert on Cultural Marxism and reading the culture war. Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported that James Lindsay was using a Queer Theory tactic, attacking Christians as “homophobic” for rejecting his synthesis of accepting homosexuality into the mainstream. Additionally, we raised the issue of Michael O’Fallon’s sordid gain […]