Russell Moore Switched Teams, Sides with Rick Warren, Beth Moore on Female Pastors

One of the major stories throughout the first quarter of 2023 is the SBC’s debate on the biblical doctrine of an exclusively male pastorate. Because they finally disfellowshipped Rick Warren over his ordination of women as pastors, the banners have been called from all over Big Eva to rally to his defense, decrying the Executive […]

Rachael Denhollander Attacks John MacArthur Over Patriarchal View Of Marriage It’s hard to imagine that The Gospel Coalition wrote an article that generated so much feminist backlash that they canceled its writer Josh Butler. But the angry feminist mob is not sufficiently satisfied with Josh Butler. They have their sights set on John MacArthur. With ShepCon underway, some have renewed their sights on him […]

MeToo Movement Suffers Defeat In Landmark PCA Verdict The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is no stranger to just about every fight going on in the church right now. Among the top three issues includes a massive push for feminism in the church weaponizing the MeToo Movement to insert errant theology. In the Southern Baptist Convention, Jennifer Lyell received a settlement for […]

SBC Disfellowships Saddleback Church; Warren Equates Himself to Christ The Southern Baptist Convention might be overtaken by the feminism, but there is still cognizance to the question of “What is a pastor?” Though there are plenty of homosexuality affirming churches, like FBC Orlando and The Church by the Glades, the one red line in the sand is female pastors, which remains the unifying […]

Baptist Church Defends Johnny Hunt, Attacks SBC’s MeToo Agenda Earlier this month, Todd Benkert reported two churches to the Credentials Committee for hosting or intending to host Johnny Hunt, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The two churches are Hiland Park Baptist Church in Panama City, Fla., and New Season Church in Hiram, Ga. Todd Benkert, a liberal blogging pastor was […]

Julie Roys’ Conference Looks Like A Disaster

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. Protestia did an excellent job covering this story prior […]

The Chosen’s Third Season Is A Seeker-Sensitive CW Show? Lead actress: Elizabeth Tabish explains how The Chosen shaped her faith and the catty drama in season 3. Christian media is full of shills for The Chosen, and the latest media tour of its cast has publications like CBN and Christian Post misrepresenting the impact that the popular series has had on its actors. […]

How Feminism and Abortion Impacted Midterm Elections

One of the most pervasive ideologies threatening the church is Feminism. From its tree bears the heretical fruits of Side B Theology, Critical Race Theory, and the egalitarian encroachment at the pulpit. Whether outward or internalized, Feminism drives all three. Throughout 2022, we have reported on the demonic nature of the College Educated Female Voter […]

Top 3 Issues Facing The Church According To Dr. Russell Fuller Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to upstate New York to a men’s retreat hosted by Jon Harris and Grace Bible Church. Dr. Russell Fuller was the headliner of the event and would be teaching on Jeremiah’s ministry throughout the retreat. This was a highly encouraging event in which I […]

Beth Moore’s Advice To Women Surprisingly Based God once spoke through an ass, and as it would turn out a false teacher like Beth Moore would accidentally make an incredibly based statement on Twitter that is a repudiation of her entire ministry. Feminism is, in my opinion, is a bigger issue in the church right now than Critical Race Theory, yet […]