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Prosperity Preacher Mike Todd lands movie deal for Relationship Goals Perhaps the most viral pastor in the United State is Mike Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2020, he published a bestselling book, Relationship Goals based on a viral sermon series he did years prior. Todd’s knack for taking years old jokes and repackaging them paid off will Relationship Goals. In a more […]

Black Privilege: Critical Race Theorist to write Superman movie

When you think about all that is wrong with Hollywood, the embrace of identity politics is at the top of the list not only in the messaging of their movies, but in the casting as well. It’s rare, though notable, when inexperienced directors get to helm major projects. Whereas directing a major franchise can open […]

Petition to remove ‘gay Jesus’ film reaches 2 million signatures

Over a week ago the petition to remove the homosexual film A primeira tentação de Cristo garnered the support of over 1 million signatures. The support initially began in Brazil before gaining international support. The petition reads: Pela proibição da veiculação do filme de Natal do “Porta dos fundos”, que tem como título “A primeira […]

Support Enemies Within The Church

The Evangelical Dark Web, by its nature is a group of decentralized individuals contesting for the faith against false gospels infiltrating the church. Among such heresies are the Prosperity Gospel, Popularity Gospel, and the Social Justice Gospel. Enemies Within The Church is an excellent organization producing a documentary naming names, exposing the false teachers of the […]