Ron DeSantis Understands Romans 13

It was to no great irony that Ron DeSantis ventured to unincorporated Brandon, Florida to sign into law measures to eradicate Covidstan in Florida and workaround the Biden Regime‚Äôs vaccine mandate via OSHA. Under HB 1B (2021), companies must accept the following in lieu as valid exemptions for vaccinations: pregnancy (preexisting or expectant), medical concerns, […]

Ron DeSantis takes on Critical Race Theory

On every issue the Republican base cares about, Ron DeSantis is leading the way in crafting innovative policies to address salient concerns, such as Big Tech censorship, coronafascism, election integrity, and now Critical Race Theory. Late into the Trump Presidency, Trump announced a crackdown on Critical Race Theory at a federal level. Trump certainly led […]