There is no biblical case for impeachment

Twitter and media hacks raved about an article by Christianity Today that called for impeachment claiming that the magazine was a barometer for Evangelicalism. The headline “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” by Mark Galli is the feature article for the “Christian” magazine. This is not just some op ed. Mark Galli is their EIC. Galli is a […]

Update: Franklin Graham deletes Prosperity Gospel promotion

Earlier this week, we covered how Big Eva celebrities like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress endorsed Paula White’s newest book which I would summarized as the repackaging of the unbiblical phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” But now we are reporting that Franklin Graham has deleted his endorsement of Paula White’s book. Our original […]

Big Eva supports Paula White’s Prosperity Gospel book

One of the most frustrating challenges for the mission of the Evangelical Dark Web is trusting big names who seek to combat the three heresies we believe to be most positioned to undermine the church Robert Jeffress is perhaps very formidable against the Social Justice Gospel but will sell out on the Prosperity Gospel to […]