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G3’s Scott Aniol Attacks William Wolfe Using Right Wing Watch

For the second time ever, William Wolfe made it to Right Wing Watch, an organization that ironically gets some of the best conservative content out there. Yet some of the Anti-Christian Nationalist would unironically endorse the commentary of the vehemently anti-Christian organization in an attempt to dunk on William Wolfe. Former Trump administration and ardent […]

Debunking G3, Owen Strachan’s Woke Lecture On Christian Nationalism G3 Ministries began releasing some of the sessions from its conference. The conference featured a pre-conference addressing Christian Nationalism, in which G3 promised to provide clarity. Owen Strachan appears to be the point man for G3 on this issue. And his lecture on “Christianity and Kinism” goes after Stephen Wolfe, a Christian Nationalist thought […]

Livestream Announcement: The Scary Kinism Issue 9pm EDT tonight. We will be discussing a Owen Strachan’s lecture on Christian Nationalism and kinism. Be prepared for cringe as we endure Strachan taking on the spookiest boogeyman in Evangelicalism. It will be stunning and brave. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to […]

G3’s Scott Aniol Goes Full Reddit Attacking Christendom

Being an edgy atheist may get you some clout on Reddit but outside of that liberal cesspool, the Reddit-tier arguments fall flat in the face of facts. G3 Ministries has been on a race to lose credibility this year with their opposition to Christian Nationalism and their willingness to embrace liberal ideas and tactics to […]

G3’s Shiny Happy People: Scott Aniol Called Out For Bill Gothard Association

The Duggar Family became a household name for their reality television show which was ultimately ended by the scandal of Josh Duggar who molested his sister, a fact made worse by the mishandling of the situation by both the family and the criminal justice system. Earlier this year, Amazon put out the documentary series Shiny […]

Bomb Threat Called At G3

The G3 Conference has been underway and it is perhaps the largest competitor to institutions like The Gospel Coalition. On Friday night, a bomb threat would disrupt the evening at G3. Like 99% of other bomb threat, it was a hoax. G3 would provide an update about how their plans for Saturday go unchanged. G3 […]

Owen Strachan Goes Woke At G3 Conference

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the preconference at the G3 Conference in which Owen Strachan publicly slandered Stephen Wolfe. On Thursday, Strachan would prove yet again to be a distraction for the conference when he decides to go after a straw man in the middle of his sermon, but it comes across as yet […]

Owen Strachan Slanders Stephen Wolfe At G3 Conference

The G3 Conference is underway as thousands travel to Atlanta to partake. G3 has long previewed a preconference event that would bring clarity to the debate surrounding Christian Nationalism (for a price) and that was not to be seen on Wednesday. Owen Strachan made splashes after reports surfaced of him using the platform of G3 […]

Understanding Foundationalism With Charles Haywood Late July, Josh Buice the head of G3 Ministries took aim at Charles Haywood in a clumsy attempt at going after Nate Fischer. Josh Buice accused him of promoting political violence. I had the pleasure of having Charles Haywood on as a guest to discuss these allegations and to better understand Foundationalism. James Lindsay, an […]