Andrew Torba: Christians Must Enter The AI Arm’s Race

Chat GPT has taken the internet by storm, and many theorize that most internet articles will be written by Artificial Intelligence at some point in the future. However, Chat GPT has some obvious limitations. It doesn’t currently go past 2021, and this is likely part of the underlying problem with the technology. Andrew Torba’s newsletter […]

Review and Analysis of Christian Nationalism by Andrew Torba and Andrew Isker

Fewer figures on the American political scene are more polarizing than that of Andrew Torba, who has magnetized the scorn of the left and the various allies of the Anti-Defamation League, who have hurled the charge of antisemite to the unabashed and irreverent founder of Gab. Torba has made his life mission to foster a […]

Cultural Impact: Is the Babylon Bee Why Elon Musk invested in Twitter? In the aftermath of Truth Social’s disastrous launch, Elon Musk looks at being the new player in the social media industry. The social media landscape has increasingly become hostile to conservatives as there is evidently a recent surge of purging because of Twitter’s support for transgenderism and child grooming. I have been locked out […]

Andrew Torba: Gab is not a platform for state-backed PSYOP campaigns

As the Mass Formation Psychosis ramps up against the Russian people, Andrew Torba put out a statement likening Big Tech’s campaign against Russian (for Soros) to the cancellation Gab experienced and overcame. In a post titled The Deplatforming of A Nation-State, Torba’s sharp words begin with a comparison. American right wing dissidents are no strangers […]

Movements cannot be built on Big Tech

The Canadian Freedom Convoy is the most impactful protest against coronafascism since the Australian people rose up. The collapse of the Canadian supply chain has inflicted pain on the Canadian government and its city dwellers. Justin Trudeau has looked weak in response. However the Freedom Convoy made amateur mistakes in creating the infrastructure of their […]

The Great GETTR Gambit

Last month, it was predicted that social media would become a major story, which was why we set out to define the social media landscape. Admittedly, this was somewhat premature. In the early days of 2022, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Robert Malone were purged from Twitter for speaking truth in a toilet of lies. […]

Social Media Chess

Within the past few weeks, there have been numerous headlines regarding various social media companies, both established brands and the alt-techs. Individually, they are little beyond mere headlines, but collectively, it amounts to an opening in chess with white and black executing on their respective openings. Instead of two players, there are numerous, all trying […]

Finding a job with Biden’s vaccine mandate Joe Biden’s push to use OSHA to enforce a vaccine mandate has threatened a lot of people’s livelihoods. Now the move is unconstitutional, unenforceable on a massive scale, already receiving pushback from several governors, and not yet in effect. But that does not matter as much as you’d think it would. This announcement has […]

Andrew Torba annouces GabPay, a free speech alternative to PayPal

People love to complain about Big Tech censorship, but very few of the complainers are ever part of the solution. Too many believe that breaking up Big Tech using anti-trust law is the solution. But from a cultural perspective splitting Google and Facebook would create several companies also ran by Cultural Marxists, leftists, and pagans. […]

Jesus and American Populism

I have a great respect for Andrew Torba as he is someone who acts on their own conviction with seemingly no concessions. He built the Gab platform despite Big Tech obstacles and has since been encouraging Christians to build their own economy and also advocate a peaceful partition of the United States. His recent article […]