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Play Hawk Tuah Games, Win Hawk Tuah Prizes

The Hawk Tuah sensation on the internet celebrating slut culture and promiscuity among rural White women coincides with the emerging phenomenon of female teachers molesting male students, something that appears to make headlines every week. And a common detail in these stories are that these teachers are married or engaged. A case in Georgia made […]

Jenna Ellis Quickly Pleads Guilty After Raising Over $200K For Defense

It’s no secret that Trump’s legal defense in Georgia appears in shambles as multiple people involved have pled guilty and have agreed to cooperate with the prosecution. This included Sydney Powell, the lawyer for Mike Flynn who boasted having a kraken that she never released, something even Tucker Carlson called her out for at the […]

Jenna Ellis Crowdfunds Legal Defense After Trump Abandons Her

The latest rounds of indictments coming after Trump has a long list of codefendants as Fulton County, Georgia looks to employ RICO laws against Trump. RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization, and RICO laws are generally used to combat organized crime like the mafia. Jenna Ellis was one of the Trump election lawyers, and […]

PCUSA Supplied Children To Homosexual Pedophile Ring

Last summer a story of a pair of homosexuals molesting the children they adopted made headlines, only to be forgotten. This past week, Townhall’s Mia Cathell has unveiled a series of reports that have opened this story to the wider scrutiny it deserved. Was the tragic horror story of two homosexual molesting children they were […]

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp To Speak At World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is the largest gathering of elitists in the world and has a well documented record of dystopian ideology. Over the last three years this has been extensively called out by conservative media, and it’s not a shock when WEF supporters, be it Dan Crenshaw or Richard Land, show their true colors. […]

Satanic Georgia Guidestones Destroyed! It’s a little odd that the government would preserve an occultist monument that embraces globalism and eugenics, but that is what the Georgia Guidestones represent. After being a prominent issue in Kandiss Taylor’s primary challenge of Gov. Brian Kemp, the Georgia Guidestones experienced a mysterious explosion at around 4am on July 6th. On stone […]

Georgia: Kemp v. Perdue v. Kandiss Taylor, Why Herschel Walker is a Terrible Candidate

In 2020, the voter fraud in Georgia played a significant role in the regime change we experience. Little was done to remedy blatant ballot miscounting or investigate nonexistent flooding. Then Republican voters were sold a narrative that if the two RINO’s did not retain their seats in Congress, then the democrats would ruin America. Little […]

Andy Stanley preaches on politics If ever a preacher has the opportunity to preach to politicians at a chaplain service, this would be a great time to preach the gospel to a pagan audience. Alas, Andy Stanley is no real preacher. And in his message to the Georgia legislature, the gospel was not presented in any way, shape, or […]

Unpopular Opinion: The Georgia Senate runoff was inconsequential

For the last couple of months, there was a debate raging in conservatism about whether to turn out for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I was reticent on this issue until election night, where I made several comments blaming the Republicans for their own defeat. And while I will call out Raphael Warnock for being a […]

Conservative Baptist Network unveils Georgia state chapter


The last time I reported on the organization founded to prevent the downgrade of the Southern Baptist Convention, I noted my concern over the National Steering Council growing well beyond its effective capacity when it reached 50 members. I did not report the when it jumped to 52. Now it has increased to 54 with […]