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Glenn Beck Preached False Mormon Gospel At Jason Whitlock’s Christian Men’s Conference Last month, Jason Whitlock was embroiled in controversy over inviting a Mormon, Glenn Beck to speak at his Christian Men’s conference, Roll Call. Jason Whitlock defended inviting Glenn Beck to Roll Call stating that Glenn Beck was speaking on history and further claimed that Beck is the best in media on history, even though […]

Jason Whitlock Defends Inviting Glenn Beck To Christian Men’s Conference Jason Whitlock is a Christian podcaster at Blaze TV, the host of the show Fearless. He actively wears his faith on his sleeve and acknowledges his previous sinful lifestyle. Last year he hosted his first ever Roll Call, a Christian men’s conference. However, this year, the conference is controversial due to its inclusion of […]

Is Conservative Inc. Lying About Saving Babies? For several years the pro-life movement has been hampered by ineffective strategy and subversion. The most pressing of which has been the avoidance of arguing for equal protection for the unborn and the embrace of the “second victim” narrative that is driven by feminism. Similarly, pro-lifers are inundated with advertising for ultrasound ministries that […]

Hal James Lindsay. Christians Beat Pride Month Anyway.

Hal Lindsay and James Lindsay share more in common than a phonetic similarity. They are both false prophets. Whereas Hal Lindsey made a career off of end times prophesy, James Lindsay has made a grift also claiming to be an expert in the Hegelian Dialect. The irony as discussed before is that James Lindsay is […]

Glenn Beck: Stephen Wolfe Not A Christian What happens when an atheist and a Mormon get together to talk about Christian Nationalism? Apparently they decide who is an is not a real Christian based on blatant misrepresentations of the views they oppose. On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn Beck had on James Lindsay to discuss the culture war as it relates to […]

Nefarious Movie Review As a fan of Steve Deace, I have long been curious as to whether a man who thinks that Avengers Endgame and The Last Jedi are great movies could ever make a good movie. And the answer is yes. The movie Nefarious is based on a paragraph in the preface of the book A […]

Christian BlazeTV Hosts Blast The Blaze For Supporting Transgenderism

Over a year ago, Evangelical Dark Web did a report on how pro-transgenderism Conservative media was, and as it turned out, most of Conservative Inc,  was on board. The metrics of the study was to view how Conservative media reported on transgender issues and what pronouns they used. TheBlaze, the online news website for Blaze […]