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Chris Hodges: God Does Not Damn Anyone, Satan Does! For Alabama megachurch pastor Chris Hodges, July brought an abundance of headlines featuring his name. Church of The Highlands (COTH) is one of the largest megachurches in America, with over 20 locations throughout Alabama. COTH’s pastoral restoration center, called The Lodge, garnered recent scrutiny over whether sexually deviant pastors were being “restored” at the […]

Is America under the divine judgement of God?

Her Grace, the LifeWay Queen, is beginning to think that America is experiencing a divine reckoning (for not being woke enough). Is this true? Would God render judgement on America for the church not embracing social justice enough? What does Romans 1 say about God judging societies? Is there any hope in this Romans 1 […]

PragerU explains Eye for an Eye

In a previous piece entitled: Is Social Justice compatible with Biblical Justice? I employed ideas I learned from Dennis Prager in this video. There are many concepts in law and justice we apply today that are biblical derived. “Eye for an eye” or the law of retaliation is a brilliant notion that contradicts the ancient Mesopotamians […]

Receive God’s love in order to help others

Earlier in the month I penned a piece about how God gave me a sense of assurance and purpose in the midst of my miserable working experience. A main source of grievance was how the company was treating my friend. As I explained, a bad situation landed him in a tough financial situation. I also came […]