David French Defends Child Abuse As Blessing Of Liberty

David French was a writer for National Review and is a meme among conservatives for promoting Drag Queen Story Hour as the blessing of liberty. Despite professing to be a Christian, David French went not just politically liberal, but theologically liberal after Donald Trump got elected President. The worldly reward for David French was writing […]

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Tim Keller, David French, and Beth Moore

https://youtu.be/1DJ-lfX7f5c In Spiritual Warfare it’s nice to have some air support, and in this case, air support is in reference to air time at the only culturally significant hour of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. On yesterday’s show, Tucker Carson stood up for Canadian Christians getting arrested for opposing grooming and furthermore took aim at prominent […]

Bart Barber Doubles Down On Hiring Pro-Grooming Law Firm

Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention announced its intentions to hire Guidepost Solutions to build a website to record and database “credibly accused” sex abusers. This included a proposed estimate upwards of $2 million dollars for a website. The decision has predictably come under fire, even from Willy Rice, as the Guidepost is largely […]

Gays Against Groomers Goes Full Groomer

Conservative Inc. has been enamored by the late to arrive shiny object known as Gays Against Groomers, the subversive opposition to the homosexual agenda, specifically as it relates to “Drag Queen Story Time” and transgenderism in general. It champions the mentality of Blaire White, a transvestite dude who became a prominent internet celebrity on the […]

Kirk Cameron Denied Story Hour By Public Libraries

Prominent faith-based film actor, Kirk Cameron has recently published a children’s book, by Brave Books, called As You Grow. As part of a promotional tour of the book Kirk Cameron sought to schedule reading hours at local public libraries across the country. According to Fox News, Cameron contacted and was rejected by over 50 public […]

Boston Children’s Hospital Peddles Born Trans Myth

https://youtu.be/DpNFog0ampo Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Boston Children’s Hospital promoting hysterectomies for children. But wait there’s more. They have dozens more videos that explain the demonic in a clinical and bubbly fashion. The one the merits much attention is where they claim children are born transvestites and know at an early age. The […]

Boston Children’s Hospital: Where Depopulation Meets Aztec Temple

https://youtu.be/diFz9PjDWWg In many pre-Christian cultures human sacrifice was practiced or vaguely familiar. And while the religious overtures of the practice have thankfully disappeared thanks to the prevailing gospel and influence of Christ, the act of human sacrifice, mainly child sacrifice, has continued in various forms. The most common form is abortion. In the Bible we […]

Disney Can’t Sustain Losses Forever

The box office failure of Disney Pixar’s Lightyear which is a spinoff of Pixar’s arguably most bankable franchise, Toy Story, is a major loss for the company as they continue to double and triple down on normalizing wokeness and sexual immorality. Lightyear failed for three reasons. The first is the replacement of Tim Allen, the voice of […]

Fox News Promotes Grooming, Transgenderism

On Friday, Fox News aired a segment which promoted a family that groomed their five year old daughter to become a boy. Now a teenager, the family is using their fourteen year old to promote parents accepting and raising their children to be transvestites. According to the segment on Fox News, this family’s daughter Ryland […]