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Chris Hodges: God Does Not Damn Anyone, Satan Does! For Alabama megachurch pastor Chris Hodges, July brought an abundance of headlines featuring his name. Church of The Highlands (COTH) is one of the largest megachurches in America, with over 20 locations throughout Alabama. COTH’s pastoral restoration center, called The Lodge, garnered recent scrutiny over whether sexually deviant pastors were being “restored” at the […]

Preston Sprinkle Promotes Heresy on Hell Months ago, Evangelical Dark Web reported on David Platt embracing the Revoice crowd in an apparent liberal coming out party. The event which inspired the question of David Platt coming out of the apostate closet was his participation in the Theology In The Raw Conference, the conference of Preston Sprinkle. Preston Sprinkle is a […]

The dangers of theological amateurism

This is not a hot take; it’s a late take. Sometimes it’s better to let the people who are better at reacting quickly do so, rather than rushing to react while a particular story is trendy. The departing of Marty Sampson, one of the most influential figures in contemporary worship music, was revealing of a […]