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Is Michael Todd A Modalist Or Just Dumb? Not all false teachers are intelligent. Where in the past I wrote that Levi Lusko was highly intelligent, the same cannot be said of Michael Todd who clumsily explained the Holy Trinity in a blasphemous and heretical way. Evangelical Dark Web first exposed Mike Todd as a false teacher in March 2020 before he […]

Christological Heresy: The Holy Post Podcast Claims Risen Jesus Was Disabled The Holy Post is a liberal Evangelical podcast founded by Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani. In an episode that aired last week, the woke podcast raised disability status as a victimhood group under the framing of Cultural Marxism. Guest, Amy Kenny explained how she believed that the risen Christ was disabled. On the surface […]

Christianity Today’s publishes heresy to push for gun control

Gun control grifter, Taylor Schumann, has increased her apostate media bylines to include Christianity Today. In promotion of her upcoming book, When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough, Christianity Today published an adaption of one of her chapters in which she is enraged about people questioning her faith because of her support for gun control. The […]

Ed Litton’s church faith statement had to be scrubbed of heresy

The newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention underwent scrutiny after winning the office as people researched who he was and where he came from. Ed Litton hails from Redemption Church in Mobile, Alabama. There faith statement failed a standard website test on the grounds of a heresy related to the trinity. The screenshot […]

Watch: Steven Furtick’s Modalism Exposed Steven Furtick is the pastor at Elevation Chruch, on of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music. Despite this worldly success, the man preaches a heretical understanding of the Trinity called modalism. This view of God is unfounded in Scripture. Jesus says he is the bread of life; the light of the world; the […]

Watch: Andy Stanley – Obvious False Teacher

  The Evangelical Dark Web exposes Andy Stanley’s heretical worldview. Andy Stanley is a pastor at one of America’s largest megachurches 5th according to Wikipedia, #1 according to Outreach. His influence on the evangelical church is perhaps second to none. As a result many, Christians and churches are influenced by his teachings. This video is […]

Demise of LifeWay: Changing times or because they peddled heresy?

It’s not the best of times to be a book store in 2019. Amazon crushed much of the competition. Still, Lifeway remained the retail branch of the Southern Baptist Convention until its announced closure of all of its stores back in March. The brand will continue to operate online. The SBC is embattled with confusion and […]

Is Social Justice compatible with Biblical Justice?

In a growing movement referred to as Woke Evangelism, there is a greater emphasis on the church playing a role in social justice issues. This movement was sizable enough for church leaders to address with the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel. The problem, that the SSJG points out, is that the notion of […]

Christians ratio NowThis after they promote apostate church

There’s no shortage of anti-Christian bias in the American media. NowThis Media is just one of many. Many Christians successfully made them look stupid for promoting such an apostate church as a role model for following Christ. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact, almost every word in their tweet is […]