Groomer Guidance Counselor Arrested For Sex With Student

A lesbian guidance counselor at Tucson High Magnet School would organize homosexual transvestite activism and even organized a student drag show that was supposed to have happened earlier this month. Turns out she’s now been arrested for sex with a student. The 29-year-old Zobella Brazil Vinik was allegedly in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old student. […]

Tim Keller Promotes Greg Johnson, Revoice Movement 2022 continues to be a bad year for Tim Keller. After promoting Stephen Colbert’s false gospel and comparing Francis Collins to Daniel, it’s safe to say the sheep’s mask is coming off. Evangelical Dark Web does find Tim Keller to be a false teacher. Now, Tim Keller is taking a bold stand in the […]

Transgenderism is the New Abortion

Not many issues are as existential as abortion. Abortion is rightly a litmus test on the right to weed out liberals and frauds. Though the Republican Party has at least three overtly pro-abortion senators (Murkowski, Collins, and Romney), being full-on pro-abortion is harder to do in the Republican Party than it was when pro-abortion John […]

Boycotting Disney: Moral Necessity or Self-Righteous Legalism?

In the aftermath of Governor Ron DeSantis signing HB1557, the anti-grooming, parental rights bill derided as being “Don’t Say Gay,” the leftist outrage has been predictably vehement. The demonic gnashing of teeth from the “comedians” hosting the Oscars, to the numerous celebrities on Twitter, to Phil Vischer, who we have discussed before, public school teachers, […]

Phil Vischer’s Effeminate Support of Child Grooming The Florida Don’t Say Gay bill was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, to the outrage of liberals everywhere. The law prohibits teachers from indoctrinating children on sexuality, prohibiting discussion prior to grade four and from there on requiring that any discussion be age appropriate. It has been derided as the “Don’t Say […]

FBC Orlando Supports Sexual Immorality FBC Orlando has made numerous headlines over the past two years. Initially is was David Uth’s disastrous handling of the 2020 canceled Pastors Conference, but then Evangelical Dark Web reported that the prominent SBC church was a Ghost Megachurch. FBC Orlando is again attracting attention because one of their pastors, Danny de Armas celebrated […]

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Legislation Makes Headway!

Across America, children in public schools are being targeted by the various militants for the Rainbow Jihad, which seeks to indoctrinate our future citizenry by grooming them towards sexually degenerate lifestyles. Often without parental knowledge or consent, leftist American teachers are intentionally promoting the gay lifestyle onto their students, those confused or otherwise impressionable. Lockdowns […]

Big Eva’s Effeminate Response To Canada’s New Law

TGC When will Canadian Big Eva come to grips with the reality of their situation? The government of Canada is further down the Marxist hole than the United States with five leftwing political parties vying for power. They imposed strict lockdowns on the masses throughout 2020 and 2021 and arrested faithful members of the brethren […]

Revoice 21 Exposed: Replacing Marriage & Gay Fearmongering Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on how Revoice purged their YouTube channel in favor of moving everything behind a paywall. Now Evangelical Dark Web has uncovered an unlisted YouTube video of one of their speakers, Greg Piken giving a presentation. Unlisted means that it can only be accessed via a direct url; it […]