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ELCA Celebrates First Sodomite Bishop

Evidently the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America skipped some steps in the slippery slope of theological liberalism. They had previously had a transvestite bishop who was quickly removed for racism last year. But now they have their first openly homosexual bishop, in their mainline denomination. Jeff R. Johnson, from Berkeley, Calif., was elected Sept. 17 […]

Acts 29 Deletes Pro-Homo Video

Last week we reported on a video posted by Acts 29 in which they say homosexuals receive good love already and a host of other unbiblical posturing. Now that Acts 29 has been caught, they have deleted the video from their site (the internet is forever though). However the statement is backdated to August 21 […]

Yikes: Acts 29 On Homosexuality Acts 29 was a major church planting organization in its heyday. However, wokeness has long infested the institution causing many good Christians to leave. The wokeness was largely helmed by Matt Chandler. Nevertheless, it was widely apparent that Acts 29 believes in Critical Race Theory. What was not known was their position on the […]

Christian Nationalism: Uganda Begins Enforcement Of New Anti-Sodomy Laws

It’s been a few months since Uganda passed its innovative anti-sodomy laws that drew ire from liberals all around the world including among supposedly Christian politicians like Ted Cruz. Elections have consequences and so does the passage of laws. The new laws have resulted in the prosecution of alleged sodomite who have been charged with […]

Is Rick Warren A False Teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Rick Warren Is One of The Most Dangerously Influential Teachers in Modern Times   Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Rick Warren was tied for the lead for the most active requests at the start of this research and was selected. You can make […]

Seacoast Church Exposed: The Liberal Megachurch of Tim Scott, Nancy Mace Seacoast Church is the church of Rep. Nancy Mace who boasted about fornicating at the 13th Annual Southern Carolina Prayer Breakfast. It is also the church of the strangely unmarried Senator Tim Scott who is running for President of the United States. Tim Scott has had some success courting Evangelicals despite being a Black […]

The Gospel Coalition Promotes Gay Christian YA Novel


In the wake of Side B theology running rampant in the church, The Gospel Coalition is promoting a young adult novel that focuses on a “gay Christian teen” with messaging that bypasses the Christian sexual ethic. TGC Australia promoted the book Colors by Patty Guthrie in a review titled Fictional Representation of a Gay Christian Teen: […]

Hal James Lindsay. Christians Beat Pride Month Anyway.

Hal Lindsay and James Lindsay share more in common than a phonetic similarity. They are both false prophets. Whereas Hal Lindsey made a career off of end times prophesy, James Lindsay has made a grift also claiming to be an expert in the Hegelian Dialect. The irony as discussed before is that James Lindsay is […]

The Fall of Chris Rosebrough

As someone in discernment ministry, I have a great respect for those who came before. One such figure is Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian and the Fighting For The Faith YouTube channel that has amassed 87.5K subs making it among the largest discernment channels on the platform. Indeed Evangelical Dark Web has utilized Chris Rosebrough’s […]