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Presbyterian Church USA To Recognize ‘Transgender Day Of Visibility’

The Presbyterian Church USA is racing to become the gayest denomination in the United States. At its general assembly last month, they decided to advance the gay agenda by promoting one of its holy days on their liturgical calendar: Transgender Day of Visibility. In other business under consideration, RSG-04, a¬†joint recommendation¬†from the Advocacy Committee for […]

Homosexual “Marriage” Declines In Support Among Pastors After Record High

Stephen Wolfe once said that White Evangelicals were the lone bulwark holding back the moral insanity in America, and support for biblical marriage is one key area where Evangelical pastors never broke, despite their mainline counterparts changing with the times. LifeWay Research published a study that shows that support for homosexual marriage has peaked among […]

Cru Exposed: Campus Crusade For Gayness The famous college campus ministry Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ has long gone woke. But what was not previously known was that Cru is affirming homosexuality and transgenderism at an organizational level. Their ministry leader curriculum “Compassionate and Faithful” contains several heretical teachings which have never been brought to light until now. It […]

RFK Jr. Celebrates Gay Pedophile

The independent campaign for Robert F Kennedy Jr. for President of the United States has garnered a lot of attention in Conservative Inc. who promoted his campaign against Joe Biden until they contemplated he could hurt Donald Trump in the general election. Who he hurts more is still debatable at this time. However, much of […]

Christianity Today Appears To Celebrate United Methodist Church Apostacy

Compromise Today

The United Methodist Church came out of the closet after years of operating openly in defiance of its own rules to say “yes homo” and allow homosexual clergy and weddings. The coverage of Russell Moore’s Christianity Today raises interesting questions about his theological conviction after the outlet described the tolerance of homosexual pastors as a […]

There Was One Based Methodist After All

The United Methodist Church overwhelmingly voted to allow homosexual pastors and weddings. And despite the fact that fewer than 10% opposed the latest degradation, there was one righteous man in Sodom. Jerry Kulah is a UMC Elder from Liberia and he offered a strong rebuke to the United Methodist Church. United Methodist bishop from Liberia […]

United Methodist Church Comes Out Of The Closet On Homosexual Pastors

Whereas the Episcopalians and Presbyterian Church USA are the butch lesbian grandmother of denominations, the United Methodist Church has been the preppy gay kid denomination for quite some time. Several years ago, the United Methodist Chruch became embattled over the issue of homosexual pastors after several years of not policing sodomy in its congregations or […]

The Fall of Acts 29 Acts 29 was a major church planting organization with massive prowess in the world of Evangelicalism. It provided churches with a missional alternative to the North American Mission Board. Today they are in desolate ruin according to insider reports. How did this happen? Three blows killed this organization. 1. Go Woke After Mark Driscoll […]

The Biblical Takeaway From “Quiet On Set”

The HBO docuseries Quiet On Set details the dark side of children’s TV. Despite the virility of the series, the most pressing takeaway I had was largely overlooked, even by conservative commentators. As the focus of the series is relevant to my childhood, it was naturally interesting to me. The big bad of the series […]

Yes, Don Lemon’s “Marriage” Should Be Outlawed

I made some liberals mad on the interweb, so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for absolutely nothing. Under Christian Nationalism, this will be criminalized. — Evangelical Dark Web (@EvangelicalDW) April 7, 2024 Don Lemon celebrated his “marriage” to a White man, despite a previous hatred of White men in general. […]