Andy Stanley’s Gay Church Sales Pitch Andy Stanley has come under fire for his views on homosexuality that have been on record for over a decade. Nonetheless, discernment bloggers have forced the issue into the mainstream, and in this past weekend’s sermon, Andy Stanley publicly supported the homosexual agenda, calling it the result of the long shadow of Jesus’ ministry. […]

Why John MacArthur Called Tim Keller And Andy Stanley Out At ShepCon John MacArthur made some waves over the weekend at Shepherd’s Conference, more commonly known as ShepCon when he was not only able to appear but name dropped Tim Keller and Andy Stanley. But the reason why MacArthur called out these two big names is not necessarily the reason you’d expect. Tim Keller has always […]

Jeff Durbin, James White Own Brandan Robertson in Debate On Homosexuality

In December, Sean McDowell entertained “progressive Christian” TikToker Brandan Robertson on his channel, that while disagreeing with Robertson’s views and theology, McDowell gave too much credence to Robertson’s apostacy. On March 9th, Jeff Durbin and James White of Apologia studios debuted their conversation with Robertson at Apologia Studio where they debated his interpretations of Scripture. […]

Bart Barber Doubles Down On Hiring Pro-Grooming Law Firm

Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention announced its intentions to hire Guidepost Solutions to build a website to record and database “credibly accused” sex abusers. This included a proposed estimate upwards of $2 million dollars for a website. The decision has predictably come under fire, even from Willy Rice, as the Guidepost is largely […]

JD Greear Gaslights Us On Andy Stanley And Homosexuality The Gospel Coalition finally took to responding to the coverage of Andy Stanley in recent column written by JD Greear, the former three term president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Whereas, Richard Land of the Christian Post and Ed Stetzer’s Church Leaders lead the way in providing cover for Andy Stanley, The Gospel Coalition […]

Will The Southern Baptist Convention Disfellowship Saddleback Church Over Homosexuality? Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention refused to disfellowship Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church over their ordination of women. But the offenses of Saddleback continue under the new leadership of Andy Wood. Andy Wood has been brazen in his relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention so far, daring them to disfellowship them over their egalitarianism. […]

Saddleback Church Affirms Homosexuality With Andy Stanley

Last year, Evangelical Dark Web exposed how Rick Warren’s replacement, Andy Wood was compromised on the issue of homosexuality, but apparently the most controversial church in the Southern Baptist Convention is also outside of the SBC’s views on homosexuality in a similarly brazen way. Andy Stanley has been under a microscope for his views on […]

Why Andy Stanley Is A False Teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Andy Stanley is an obvious wolf in wolf’s clothing. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Andy Stanley was voted by the members of Evangelical Dark Web to be researched next out of the top requested figures. He may be a low hanging fruit, nonetheless […]

Brent Leatherwood Condemns George Santos, Omits Sexual Sin

What sin would it take for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention to declare that one is unfit to serve in Congress? Apparently, pulling a Saul Goodman is the answer. Now, within the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill, there are all sorts of corruptions that could be condemned. There […]