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MeToo Movement Suffers Defeat In Landmark PCA Verdict The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is no stranger to just about every fight going on in the church right now. Among the top three issues includes a massive push for feminism in the church weaponizing the MeToo Movement to insert errant theology. In the Southern Baptist Convention, Jennifer Lyell received a settlement for […]

The Plot Thickens With This Correction

In the interest of full transparency and accountability, I wanted to provide an update on a story we curated last week, in which the curated information has since proven inaccurate, albeit because what actually happened was even worse. But nonetheless the story of a 10 year old girl crossing state lines to get an abortion […]

Indiana, Nebraska Primaries: Herbster v Pillen, Jennifer-Ruth Green

Due to the limited number of contentious races, Indiana and Nebraska have been combined into a single article. Primary elections are more important than general, which is why the governor’s race for Nebraska is of great importance. We saw for the past two years the power governors can exert over their states and their ability […]