Effeminate: Jordan Peterson Cries While Calling Israel Moral City On A Hill

Many people see Jordan Peterson as a the king of the Man-O-Sphere. 12 Rules For Life is a world renown self-help book marketed to men. Needless to say, many people idolize Jordan Peterson, but the guy is rather effeminate in real life. In a recent trip to Israel, Jordan Peterson breaks down crying in the […]

Steve Deace Dodges My Eschatology Question

https://youtu.be/kCxUeyaqpcI Steve Deace is certainly one of the best political commentators in America, in large part due to his show’s mission of mainstreaming a Christian worldview the way that Rush Limbaugh mainstreamed conservatism. In the popular Wednesday segment of But, Sell, or Hold/Lindsay, viewers submit propositions and they respond to them. I submitted this hot […]

Prager U’s Who’s More Tolerant: Ironic Case Against Israel

Recently, there have been several instances of denominations either issuing resolutions condemning Israel or considering the notion. For example, the PCUSA labeled Israel an apartheid state while the Episcopal Church has deferred its considerations until 2024. Apostates will tend to gravitate towards the apartheid aspect of Israel to condemn it to which many evangelicals, like […]

Cringe: Christian Post Claims Moral Obligation To Defend Israel

Zionism is a cringeworthy byproduct of bad theology and worse history. Scott Phillips, a Christian Post contributor wrote a piece condemning the PCUSA’s declaration opposing Israel as an “apartheid state” that has terrible underlying theology and implicit legalism. Let’s start with the concluding sentence: As Christians, we have a moral obligation to stand up solidly for a […]

David Jeremiah’s Erroneous Eschatology: Why Gog is not Russia

https://youtu.be/hAG1o3wbOrw Dispensational eschatology is the prevailing end times view in the United States. But it is more novel theology in Christian history. What many people may not realize is that their eschatology has more underlying impact in how people view missions and public theology (politics). When writing the reader requested verdict on David Jeremiah, his […]

The Gospel Coalition Goes Full Blue Anon


The Gospel Coalition recently created a series of Ted Talk videos they call TGC Talks which started off with a Critical Race Theorist, Justin Giboney that largely functioned as a defense of Woke Evangelicalism. The most recent TGC Talk was denouncing “Christian Nationalism” right before Americans celebrate Independence Day. Michael Horton gives the lecture. Horton […]

Revisiting: Paul Nehlen’s antisemitism is inconsistent with Christianity

This was an article I wrote back in January, 2018. I wanted to revisit this to highlight the anti-biblical nature of Jew-hatred. The article looks a little different than its original form due to Paul Nehlen’s banishment from Twitter. On of the purposes of Startup Christ will undoubtedly be to combat heretics. In discussion with […]